16 April 2010

Dumpling King Review # 2 ~ Chinese – King Street Newtown

Handmade noodle heaven.

Dumpling King Newtown

Ever had a food itch you just can't scratch? I've been out to dinner twice this week in search of handmade noodles. I went to the legendary Din Tai Fung in World Square as well as the new Asian King in Newtown, but neither did the northern style thick, chewy, rough cut handmade noodles I was after. To top it off Miss Chicken and Miss Mel went to Glebe Noodle House and had handmade noodles without me. The humanity!

So on Friday night I drag Miss Chicken off for a quick feed at Dumpling King on King Street Newtown. We were happy to see it was buzzing with punters.

Dumpling King Newtown

We strike noodle gold. We have stir fried handmade noodles with pork and they are superb: thick with plenty of chew and far from oily. These are definitely Chinatown quality, highly recommended. Make sure you ask for vinegar, essential with handmade noodles.

Dumpling King Newtown

We order eggplant with chilli sauce in hotpot, perfect plonked on top of the noodles, like they were made for each other. The eggplant was diced making it easy to manage.

This is our third visit here we are liking it more each time. See Dumpling King blog post #1.

Dumpling King Chinese Restaurant is at 194 King Street Newtown.

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