04 April 2010

Legendary Travel Food Find ~ Powdered Japanese Green Tea

Matcha Japanese green tea powder is cocaine for health nuts.

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When we travel overseas we find so many things that they do just that little bit better than we do back home. For example, go to a sushi bar in Japan and you don't have to pay extra for green tea, there is a little jar of powdered green tea and a hot water tap for each customer. We were instantly hooked on powdered green tea.

Powdered green tea is really something else, like an instant detox, cocaine for health nuts. Even after a good few beers I feel instantly healthy after a mug of Japanese powdered green tea, it is so effective it almost makes me worry.

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You only need a teeny tiny teaspoonful.

Marrickville Quality Cakes Greek Bakery Sydney

A small amount goes a long way: we refill the mug up to three times.

Marrickville Quality Cakes Greek Bakery Sydney

We like it served in a traditional Japanese ceremonial Ren & Stimpy mug.

Marrickville Quality Cakes Greek Bakery Sydney

Back in Sydney we hunted around quite a bit to get powdered green tea and eventually found success. We had no idea what the stuff is called, the labelling is all Japanese, until reader Kim kindly advised us it is called Matcha. It is around $7-$10 for a small jar. It seems to be available in most Japanese supermarkets, a bit harder to find in regular Asian grocers.

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