04 April 2010

Marrickville Quality Cakes ~ Greek Bakery - Marrickville Road [CLOSED]

A wonderful old school Greek bakery on the endangered list, enjoy it while you can.

[CLOSED - 2015 - WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!]

Marrickville Quality Cakes Greek Bakery Sydney

As the Greek population of Marrickville enters its autumn years the old style Greek shops have become thin on the ground, very thin. Marrickville Quality Cakes still stands proud however. The owners must be well into their 70's so we go as often as we can,  you just never know when they will retire. The interior appears to have barely changed in thirty years, neither have the prices.

We must admit we have walked past the place for years on end because, well, they specialise in wedding cakes and we are marriage-intolerant. A couple of years ago we ducked inside out of curiosity and discovered they have great cakes from the old country and the owners are heart-meltingly sweet. You get the impression they could have retired years or even decades ago, but still run the place because they wouldn't know what else to do with themselves otherwise.

Marrickville Quality Cakes Greek Bakery Sydney

Some of the food is almost embarrisingly cheap, I have been close to suggesting that they put the prices up. We could pick a good handful of items that would not be out of place in a Paddington cafe at five times the price.

Marrickville Quality Cakes Greek Bakery Sydney

We come back again and again specifically for the 'Italian Biscuits.'

Marrickville Quality Cakes Greek Bakery Sydney

The Italian Biscuits are like Arnotts Spicy Fruit Rolls on steroids: big, rich and fruity with strong almond/marzipan flavours, brilliant with coffee, we are addicted them. Italian biscuits are only $2.50 and are large and rich enough for two to share.


It's great too see this joint is still going strong.

The Italian biscuits are still $2.50 and still wonderful.

Mr Shawn is addicted to the fruitcake which they sell for around $3-$5 for a generous slice. We wonder if it is offcuts from the wedding cakes they specialist in. It is so dark and dense and not overly sweet. Yum.

This place is special, a little piece of history that we urge you to celebrate while it is still there.

Marrickville Quality Cakes is at 236 Marrickville Rd Marrickville.

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