25 June 2010

Marrickville Pork Roll & Four Seasons Cafe Review - Vietnamese

There are eight million Vietnamese pork rolls in the Naked City. This has been one of them.

There's certainly no shortage of places to get a Vietnamese pork roll in Marrickville, so to open a little kiosk selling only pork rolls is a brave decision, but it seems to have worked. Marrickville Pork Roll does Vietnamese rolls and nothing else, and they do them well. It has been open a few months and does steady trade.

As well as the standard pork and chicken rolls they do a delectable bbq pork roll. The Vietnamese bbq pork is warm, thinly sliced, sweet and succulent. The bread is nice and crusty and the salad innards and juices really mix together for an almighty 'wow' by the end of the roll.

Marrickville Pork Rolls is a tiny little kiosk at 36a Illawarra Road. Next time I'm going to try the pork skin roll or a meat ball roll. There's a Vietnamese pork roll and smoothie place just opened next door, this also looks worth a try. In Vietnam we found the locals made amazing fruit drinks, green mango smoothies that blow minds, hopefully that's what we'll get.

There's nowhere to sit and eat at Marricvkille Pork roll, in fact there's barely room to stand. So cross the road and head south a few doors to the Four Seasons Cafe, the little place adjoining the car park. This cafe does Vietnamese coffee and they don't mind if you byo pork roll.

I asked for an iced white Vietnamese coffee, that's what all the locals were drinking. It's very strong and sweet as a Vietnamese coffee should be. This got me a buzzing the rest of the day for $4. This place is very Vietnamese: folks taking their time, sipping slowly, reading the paper, smoking their lungs out. It has a dodgey kind of vibe here,  I like it.

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  1. Good luck trying to get a smile or a kind word out of Diep. A few of us have stopped going there now, such a shame. You're right. Close your eyes and think of Hanoi. Mr Lee is fab. Pity.

  2. The pork roll place is the best value in Sydney. $2.50 for a salad roll with an asian twist.

    The meatball one is delicious as well, and I normally avoid things that are sitting in bain maries.

    I will check out the vietnamese coffee there. I must confess I normally go for the italian version ie espresso.

    Great blog

  3. Vietnamese coffee is an acquired taste - it's strong and sweet :-)

  4. u can have a black coffee in vietnam, its really strong and no sweet at all :P cause in au some people cant drink that strong coffee so they'r decided to mix it with milk. A girl who is owner there her name is Diep and she's really different cause she doesn't smile much :-)

  5. I'm so happy you have a post about Marrickville Pork Roll. I am a big fan of Vietnamese pork rolls (salivating just thinking about it) and of all the ones I have tasted in Sydney (excluding Cabramatta - you can't go wrong with any of them there) this tiny little hole in the wall does them the best!!! Hong Ha in Mascot always has a long time and although it's become somewhat of an institution in Mascot the staff never smile and always throw a look of contempt when asked to add or remove ingredients. The flavour and freshness is nowhere near the level it is at Marrickville Pork Roll!

  6. Agreed. Marrickville Pork Roll is hands-down the best sydney pork roll. fast and flavorsome! note: hong ha has had multiple health-code violations!!!

  7. You know what peeves me !!!
    I love Vietnamese pork rolls more than sex.

    Some of these places the glass food display act as a fly trap.
    Once flies get behind the glass they cant escape. I see them laying eggs (fly larve) onto the meat.

    But what the heck I love the taste and its great street food. I just try and not think about the flies when I swallow.

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  9. I sometimes go here but because the line was so long I tried Kingsies Bakery a bit further down Illawarra Rd. Now I go to Kingsies all the time! Give it a try


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