30 June 2010

Kampong Boy Review ~ Malaysian - Hurstville

I take a wrong turn at Albaquerqe and stumble upon KampongBoy, a great new Malaysian restaurant on the has-been part of Forest Road in Hurstville. I think this little place is going to be big.

Kampong Boy is a hole-in-the-wall place with a few tables and a modern, homely, casual fitout.

One look at the menu and I know I'm in for something good (click to enlarge).

A brief menu is a good menu.

I'm in the mood for my favourite Malaysian feed, nasi lemak, but the waitress suggests I try the nasi Kampongboy, and wisely so. The nasi Kampongboy has a little of everything: chicken or beef sate; fried chicken; a couple of prawns in light curry; ikan billis; a little salad; half a googy egg and coconut rice. $13.80.

I'm not usually excited by sate but this chicken sate is divine. The flavours are rich and complex. The chicken is in small delicate pieces with the sauce flavours penetrating the flesh, just like I've had in Malaysia, not in large uncouth hunks as often done by us skips. The menu states that sate is the signature dish, I can see why.

I'm so excited the meal comes with ikan bilis: peanuts and dried anchovies, my favourite. And the little salad is a taste sensation, it tastes sweetly pickled and tangy. Yum.

Delicious ayam goren, fried chook. The rice has a nice coconut hit and is light and delicate.

The prawnies were also super delicious: they tasted fresh and garlicky with some sambal or curry sauce on top.

I took one sip of my coffee and was instantly transported back to Malaysia. I haven't had a Malaysian coffee like this downunder, very happy. $3.50.

I asked the waitress about the coffee and she explained it is Malaysian coffee brewed using the traditional 'coffee sock.' They even demonstrated for it for me. The staff are very knowledgable and enthusiastic about their food, taking time to explain all kinds of things to me.

They tell me Kampong Boy has only been open nine days but I think it's going to be popular, there were no shortage of customers (including many happy Malaysians) on a cold winter Wednesday afternoon.

Kampong Boy is on Forrest Road, Hurstville. Being the amatuer hack that I am I didn't write down the address and Kampongboy isn't in the white pages yet. Another blogger described the address as: Forest Road on the stretch between the Main Post Office and the big Korean BBQ place (Lim’s).

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  1. I know the owners of Kampong Boy. The chef who cooks the satay perfected the art in Malaysia, training one-on-one with a very experienced and very talented hawker chef. He has been practicing and perfecting his recipe and method for quite awhile.

  2. Tell the owner my lunch was bagus and the staff lovely, we'll be back!

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  4. Hey guys get to the Quadrant,Ultimo off Mountain St,check out Malacca Straits for THE best Char Kwei Teow with chili,sorry no babi the place is halal,the laksa will give Hunter St and Wendy Moon a run for their money,the best FISH HEAD curry in Sydney,Chef Tan exChef to HRH Sultan of Johore,Le Coq Dor KL...this is the Hainanese Master Chef,dont worry about all the wannabes!!!

  5. Hi kayceeyk - yes, we've been there many times - check out our crab dinner post from May 2011.


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