27 June 2010

Taste 101 Chinese Restaurant Review ~ Auburn

No matter how much Chinese food we eat we are constantly amazed that we can always find something new and interesting. Case in point is Taste 101 Chinese Restaurant in Auburn.

Taste 101 Chinese Restaurant is a cheery little hole-in-the-wall Northern Chinese type place by the railway in Auburn. The menu is extensive and varied, see pics below. While the menu may be crammed with drool-worthy offerings our bodies demand nothing but the simple, nurturing, motherly goodness of noodle soup. It's been a big weekend.

Spicy Pork With Noodle Soup: nuggets of roast pork belly, roast chillies, spaghetti-like noodles, veggies and fried googie-egg with a lovely soft yolk. The roasted chillis are mild in heat and give the light pork broth nice spicy kick without blowing heads off. I like it lots. $7.50.

Miss Chicken picks the winner once again: Large Intestines Noodles Onions. Sounds bad, tastes great. Lovely fatty sliced porky gizzards with sautéed onions in a beautiful light but meaty broth, with some extra sauce on top that gave the brew a gravy-like taste.  Very different. Very tasty. Definitely winter food. $7.50. I liked the Spicy Pork soup but this Intestine Soup is a taste sensation, I'm not sure if it qualifies as food porn but it is foreplay at the very least.

The menu is just so good here: some many weird and wonderful offerings, brilliant Engrish. We thought we would photograph the lot. You can click on the images to expand them.

Groovy graphics.

Taste 101 Chinese Restaurant is at 124 South Parade, Auburn. Ph 9649 3218. Thumbs up for great super cheap food and friendly cheery helpful staff. Auburn is a great place to go for a Sunday afternoon feed and wander around: there's a buzzy vibe and Australians from all over the over the world, love it!

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