23 June 2010

Sultan's Table Turkish & Bingay at the Sly Fox Hotel ~ Enmore

Legendary amongst locals is Sultan's Table Turkish in Enmore. From the outside it looks like your average kabab joint, but it's actually a little piece of Auburn, I mean Istanbul,  in Enmore.

Tonight we get takeway so we can slip in a quick schooner while it's brewing. A beer at the Sly Fox Hotel is always a lucky dip and tonight we pull out a winner: Bingay, drag queen bingo, it's fall off your chair funny, highly recommended. We want to stay on but the takeaway is ready dangnabbit. For lots more great pics of Bingay see Simon Food Favourite's blog post.

Miss Chicken is very happy clutching her takeaway. The bloke in the door sees me snapping photos and comes over to proudly tell me about the new signs they have just installed, it's a friendly kind of place.

Incidently, a few hundred metres down the road there was a Dominoes Pizza outlet at which Miss Chicken says she saw John Pilger leaving surreptitiously with takeaway pizza. Probably ham and pineapple, deep pan. I have never believed her but she swears on Liberace's grave that it was John Pilger.

If anybody out there can confirm John Pilger's visit to Dominoes Pizza we'd love to know about it. Or perhaps you have seen Noam Chomsky at KFC, Richad Dawkins at Gloria Jeans, or Peter Garrett endorsing  a woodchip mill on the Tamar river. Oh, we have seen that last one.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. The sukuklu pide is a winner: spicy Turkish sausage with cheese and egg. Divine.  I like the Turkish sausage at Saray's down the road just that little bit bitter: it is more firey and has more of a 'home-made' kind of texture, they have an extra delicate touch with the pide crust too, but that's just one food nerd's opinion. It's comparing Mercedes to BMWs...

The iskender kebab, the Radio Birdman of takeway. Thinly sliced kebab meat with tomato, yoghurt on top of bread. The bread at the bottom soaks up all the juices, it can officially be called food porn.

Sultan's Table is at 179 Enmore Rd, Enmore 2042 NSW. Phone: (02) 9557 0229. The Sly Fox is at 199 Enmore Road. You can get one schooner in while your takeway is being cooked on a quiet night, two schooners on a busy night.

See our previous blog post for Sultan's Table.

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  1. Christ I hope it was John Pilger in Dominoes, at least for once he would not be able to take the higher moral ground.


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