20 June 2010

Pho @ Enmore Delicious Rolls ~ Vietnamese - Enmore

Is there any better hangover cure than a pho? If you happen to be in the vicinity then Enmore Delicious Rolls on Enmore Road does a mean pho.

[Last revisited June 2014]

Miss Chicken is a little poorly after a night out with the ladies. A Pho, Vietnamese beef noodle soup, is called for.

Enmore Delicious Rolls at the South end of Enmore Road does a great pho, a good pho is hard to find in this neighbourhood.  This little bakery is very popular amongst the locals and it is run by a lovely family, the mum seems to be able remember every face that walks through the door and they we were last in.

The pho here is good, fresh and tastey with plenty of beef. Only about $8. On Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey he described pho as the perfect food, we agree 100%, this is my desert island dish. A good pho doesn't just nourish and rehydrate, it lifts your soul. I think Mr Stein may also have mentioned that it is great for hangovers, we agree with this 100% also.

Iced Vietnamese coffee: strong and sweet. The bossy lady explains she doesn't use Vietnamese beans because her customers don't demand it, she uses regular espresso instead. It's not as strong as one you may get in Cabramatta, but that's probably a good thing, proper Vietnamese coffee is speed freak strong.  They do good espresso here as well.

Fried Porkchop on rice from a later visit. $7.50. Tasty, naughty, way too cheap.


Has Enmore Delicious Rolls changed hands? We haven't been for quite a while and we don't recognise any faces, it just seems different.

Bun bo hue - spicy beef soup - $8.50. Has a much liked fish paste note to it.

Pho - beef noodle soup - $8.50. It's still the neighbourhood favourite.

Fried spring rolls - $1.50 each. Two lovely rough and crunchy deep fried spring rolls, available in pork and beef. A genuine hangover cure.

[Back again June 2014]

I (Shawn) haven't been back to Enmore Delicious Rolls for ages because I thought the owners had changed - but I was super happy to see the same lovely lady running the place as I walked in. I bet she remembers me, even though I haven't seen her for a long time and I was only ever a semi-regular customer at best. "Hello. I haven't seen you for a year" is the first thing she says to me. Come think of it, it would be a year. Geez she's good. 

I hope she doesn't think I've been going to the other place down the road, Great Auntie Three. I want to tell her I don't go to Great Auntie Three, it's too contrived and inner-westie-mumsy for me. I would never cheat on Enmore Delicious Rolls lady. Except for a quickie banh mi at Allan's Hot Bread Shop, which is also run by an extraordinarily nice lady, but it's too far away to count.

Super lady suggest I try a spicy soup with instant noodles, or something like that, I wasn't listening properly, I just agreed. It's terrific, it's like a regular pho loaded up bigtime with Vietnamese mint and coriander and I found some galangal or ginger in there too. The instant noodles were thin with a nice bite to them, a nice change to rice noodles. Yay super lady. $9.

Enmore Delicious Rolls is at 207 Enmore Road, Enmore, up near the post office and near the intersection of Stanmore Road.

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  1. Thanks so much for this writeup. I tried the rolls and they are the BEST ever!! Better than the Mascot Red Rolls place which always has queues. Definitely undiscovered!

  2. I love this place and everytime I visit I pick up another stack of their business cards to hand out to my friends. Their pho is really good but its the meat and salad Saigon rolls that keep me coming back here. The rice paper rolls are also a great take away snack. The fresh juice in what ever combination you want is also good. The family owners are really nice people who always greet you with a smile and like to share a laugh. Delicious Rolls? Yes, they are.

  3. The BBQ pork and beef rolls they do outside on weekends with just some pickled radish and green onion are wonderful too. Look out for them next time you come up this way.

  4. Enmore Delicious RollDecember 14, 2011 at 9:21 PM

    Thankyou everyone very much for supporting us. and we hope to do more greater food that brings everyone satisfaction. - Enmore Delicious Roll

    p.s we found your blog :D very entertaining :)

  5. Wohoo! We love your food and your smiles. You folks work so hard, I hope you are doing well :-)

  6. Chương chưa ăn thử phở cô Loan nấu mà thấy hấp dẫn quá ! i wish i can go to Australia to try enmore Pho

  7. Pretty snobby comment about Great Aunty Three! Their rolls are very tasty and the people working there are always nice. You should give it a go. The pork belly and faux chicken are both delicious (as is the real chicken).


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