13 June 2010

Roti Canai at the Golden Barley Hotel, Enmore

The Golden Barley had been popular for their Chinese-Malaysian dishes for years, there's nothing like a roti canai and a couple of beers.

The bistro does good  cheap Chinese-Malaysian food (most dishes around $10), a good option if you're up for a beer and a feed. Best stick to the Asian dishes here... I and many others come here for the roti canai, that Malaysian street food classic of flat bread and some curry sauce to dunk it in. It's a great beer soaker.

A sweet Malaysian curry with nice big chunks of chicken and potato.
Mopped up with a couple of pieces of roti. It's pre-prepared roti, Mamak it ain't, but it does the job. $11.50.

Other dishes include curry puffs, dim sim, samosas, wantons, satay chicken, beef rendang, Malaysian chicken curry, gado gado, vegetable curry, various fried noodles and laksa. Miss Chicken's favourite is drunken noodles. There are western meals as well but the Asian food is the pick here.

Golden Barley Hotel is at 167 Edgeware Road.
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  1. The Golden Barley is a great space but I find the food variable. If I didn't have kids I doubt I would go there.

  2. Yes I agree, the western food dishes we have tried at the Golden Barley bistro, are average at best, our pub favourites of chicken caesar and veggie nachos are, well, shite. The hamburgers are ok though. But we find the Asian food at the Golden Barley is great value, it's not Mamak quality perhaps but it's good and cheap and down the road, and it's not often you can find Chinese-Malaysian dishes in the pub. A shout-out to the staff there, the place seems to be run by a really nice family, and the always employ equally welcoming staff.

  3. I tried this last weekend after reading this blog posting, and tried both the roti with the Malaysian curry. The curry had 2cm of oil floating on the top. The "salad" on the side is like east meets west - didn't suit the dish. Never again - we left feeling like we wish we'd not forced it down and cut our loses instead. I'd rather pay slightly more at Mamak and get some decent food. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

  4. Mmmm, not a favourite amongst readers this one!

  5. Anonymous needs to cut back on the exaggerations. 2cm of oil? Cut back on the booze & it won't look so bad. I've had the rendang and roti canai and they're pretty standard and the even if there's a bit of an oil slick happening, scrape it to the side. Agreed the lettuce, tomato, cucumber salad garnish is out of place

  6. Well said John, yes there was some oil, but hey, it's Malaysian!


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