19 June 2010

The Northern Orient Restaurant Review ~ North Chinese - Burwood

Today we feast at the The Northern Orient Restaurant, Burwood Road, Burwood. Burwood Road is a great daytime eat street, always busy and plenty of cheap street food joints.

Earlier in the day at Rozelle we see a sign that melted our hearts, a kid's plea for her lost toy monkey, Mester. "He is my monkey so don't keep him".

In Burwood we stand outside the The Northern Orient Restaurant drooling at the pics. Inside we couldn't find all our choices on the menu so Miss Chicken drags the waiter outside to order by pictures. This place is very Chinese so the English menus probably don't cover all available options.

When winter arrives we switch to Tooheys Old and beef noodle soups. Taiwan Style Beef Noodle Soup is rich and hearty with lots of beef chunks, thick flat wheat noodles and being North Chinese, it has a hearty oil slick on top. Very satisfying and excellent value for $8.80.

The Shanghai Style Soy Duck (served cold) with Rice comes in this lovely bento style box with a light, sweet cabbage salad and a huge mound of rice. There is so much rice they give you oranges for half time. The salads were divine though the duck was too sweet for our tastes. We liked it won't be in a hurry to order it again. Still, it was great value at $8.80.

This looked so mysterious in the picture outside we had to try it: Egg Pancake with Youtiao. There was an outer layer of savoury pancake, then an inner layer of egg pancake, which wrapped around a piece of fried bread. The bread is that deep fried dough stuff you get in some places to dip into congee. Egg Pancake with Youtiao is very plain on it's own but a taste sensation when dunked into our beef soup. This is one of the most peasanty-stodge-fest dishes we have come across in a while, this is made for folks ploughing fields. $4.80 for two pieces.

We'll be back to try some of the great looking side dishes in the front window.

Also keen to try some side dishes was this amazing, schmoopy, Russian wolfhound. The kind of dog that leans into you when you give him a pat. The two little dudes above were also checking out the side dishes. Down the road we notice the Golden Stream Chinese Restaurant, a bit lost in translation that one.

The Northern Orient Restaurant is at 165 Burwood Rd, Burwood. Ph. 9745 6838. More food that we could eat plus a Tsingtao beer for $28. Lovely.

For sweeties in Burwood we often go to Maria's Barkey Inn.

Maria's Bakery Inn is pretty much your standard Chinese bakery, I'm a sucker for their green tea Swiss Rolls. Today we try a black sesame Swiss roll, is deliciously different. $1.30.

We think this is Chinese egg white custard. A little too 'eggy' for our western tastebuds but fun to try. When we saw these on display we were hoping it was the Chinese Stewed Milk we fell in love with in Hong Kong. Alas not. $2.50

Maria's Bakery Inn is at 240 Burwood Road Burwood.

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