14 June 2010

Hong Kong Street Food Tour Day 4.2 ~ Flying Fish Roe Sausage & Yee Shin Milk Company

Eating our way through Mong Kok and Kowloon. Amazing Flying Fish Roe Sausage and steamed milk the Yee Shun Milk Company. Oh yeah....

We're still eating our way through day 4 of our Hong Kong street food fest. There's so much food here and only so we can physically eat. It's a tough life We are stuffed but when we find a Flying Fish Roe Sausage stand we just have to make room in our tums. There's a few varieties. Miss Chicken opts for Sakura Shrimp Sausage while I'm a Squid Sausage man.

These little beauties are served on a stick. The owner reads us well and goes to the trouble of chopping the sausages and making us 'half & half' sticks so we each can try both flavours. The Sakura Shrimp Sausage is divine with nice strong wasabi kick. The Squid Sausage is insanely good: black with squid ink, it had a flavour that was familiar but I don't know how to described, it reminded me of tea eggs, this blew my little mind.

The Flying Fish Roe Sausage stand is somewhere in Mong Kok. Thumbs up.

Groovy tile mosaics, random alley, Mong Kok.

Walking back to our hotel we see this cow of happiness. The Yee Shun Milk Company.

We had no idea what the The Yee Shun Milk Company does, but they make this.

And this. It looks like some kind of milky pudding.

We just have to duck in and give it a try. We use the 'point, smile and pray' method of ordering.

The speciality is 'steamed milk' we try the coffee flavour which is good but not mind blowing.

We tried to order the egg flavour which was the lovely yellow one a few pictures up. But the food gods intervened and we go the 'original' flavour which was sensational. I'm not sure how it was made, it was milk thickened to a a set custard-like consistency with a lovely thick layer of milk skin on top. The flavour was once again familiar yet difficult to describe: milky and comforting.

There's a few branches of Yee Shun Milk Company around.

Random restaurant. I love Hong Kong.


  1. you guys had a steamed milk pudding with sugar and ginger juice. The ginger juice curdles the milk and makes it jelly like

  2. Oh yeah the steamed milk pudding and the steamed egg pudding at the Australian Diary company in Jordan are must try Hong Kong delicacies.

  3. Are those sausages made with flying fish roe?


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