01 April 2011

Taiwanese Stall of Mystery ~ Dixon House Food Court ~ Chinatown [CLOSED]

We bravely venture to the far, far East of the Dixon House Food Court for the Taiwanese stall of mystery.

[Closed early 2013 - these folks now operate the excellent Taiwan Yes on George Street].

In the Dixon House Food Court there's a cramped, dark corner where few folks venture. Right next to the loo is a Taiwanese joint with no English name but is apparently called "Yummy South Taiwan Food" (thanks so much Li Yuan for intepreting the sign for us!) .

It's probably the grungiest looking stall in the food court, but it always has a steady stream of happy customers. Today we adventure to this stall of mystery.

We make the boo-boo of arriving right before closing time as they were winding down for the day. Shawn had his eyes on the Taiwanese pork chop on rice. Alison was fixated with the fried fish noodle soup. Alas these dishes were finished for the day. Instead we dine from the bainmarie of delight. Three choices with rice for $8, served in a groovy bento box. Very happy.

Shawn goes for stewed pork chop, tofu and veg, a tea smoked egg, and a little mince stew on top of the rice. Long live mince.

Alison's dinner more resembles breakfast: scrambled egg and tomato; a sausage (she's obsessed with Asian Footy Franks); a fried vegetable roll which is like a Taiwanese Chiko roll; and tofu.

Dinner was nice but our would advice would be to hit the bainmarie stuff earlier in the day. It's a bit past it's prime near closing time, which is fair enough we think. Shawn ventured back the next day for lunch and the bainmarie looked a treat, all the food was fresh and inviting. It's a joy watch the Taiwanese auntie in charge cooking up a storm, and the girls doing the serving are just lovely. Get into it folks.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup - $8. A rich beefy broth with spaghetti-like noodles; hunks of slow cooked beef and pickled vegetables. Delicious.

Becks only $5.80 from the drink stall. Local beers are $4.80. Joy.

If you've had a bad day at the office (we know you don't read this at work), just think of this bloke who does the washing up for the whole food court. Mind you we do hear lots of laughing coming from his little hole.


  1. The sign reads 'Yummy South Taiwan Food'. Love your blog.

  2. Thanks so much Li Yuan, I'll adjust the title, very much appreciated :-)

  3. I haven't been to Dixon House for yonks! Love Taiwanese food though.

  4. If you are in Dixon House, don't forget the possibility of Gumshara Ramen. I I don't think there is better ramen in Sydney.

    Max C

  5. The taiwanese place does some awesome beef jerky and pork jerky. They're usually out of pork jerky though :(

    They're garlic sausages are excellent too. Now i feel like for some.

    And their fried vegetable roll - i'm not sure if it's completely vegetarian.. it has like the tempura fish ball stuff and it's called a "chicken roll" if you translate it from Hokkein... but it actually stands for "extra roll"... there's a whole history to it. lol.

  6. Heya

    Just want to say, i am actually the son of the boss of this shop that you have reviewed. I absolutely appreciate your review of this shop, and we are still continually trying to grow and became better. Thank you very much for your comments about the shop and the people. Would love to hear even more from you (the reviewer) and/or your readers about how we can improve or just any other further comments.

    But really thank you for your willingness to review our shop.


  7. 台南 is a city, isn't it? S:

    I went today for a quick lunch. It was delicious, though the 炒米粉 and sticky rice came out right after I ordered. I think I'll try those next time. ^_^

  8. This place hasn't closed, I was there today and it was open.

  9. Was down in Dixon House today, i'd like to inform you guys that this place hasn't closed, I sat near this stall today and it looked pretty open to me.

  10. Somebody else said the same thing, will have to take a look-see :-)

  11. You're right, it's open again and looks exactly the same- woohoo!

  12. This place has closed, there was a for lease sign there today.


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