28 August 2010

Silk Road Halal Chinese Restaurant ~ Chinatown

We take a punt on Silk Road Chinese Halal Restaurant on Thomas Street Chinatown, it's a winner.
[CLOSED - OCTOBER 2012 -Sniff, sniff]

26 August 2010

Pho Sure Vietnamese Noodle House ~ Enmore (Now Ocean Vietnamese)

Pho Sure Vietnamese Noodle House brings a bit of Marrickville over to Enmore. About bloody time :-)  NB - Pho Sure is now called Ocean Vietnamese and under new management.

23 August 2010

Lanzhou Handmade Beef Noodle ~ North Chinese - Chinatown [CLOSED]

A quick return visit to China Noodle King Lan Zhou Hand Made Beef Noodle on George Street, this North Chinese restaurant is really something special...

[CLOSED - for similar food see the excellent Kung Fu Ramen nearby, it is possibly run]

22 August 2010

Temasek ~ Singapore Malaysian Parramatta - Review & Menu

We finally get to visit Temasek Singapore & Malaysian restaurant in Parramatta and find out what all the fuss is about.

19 August 2010

Matee Turkish Grill Gozleme & Teahouse ~ King Street Newtown

Matee Turkish Grill Gozleme & Teahouse is a new cheerful, casual little joint down the quiet end of King Street, Newtown.

17 August 2010

Fat Noodle Review & Menu - Star City Casino

We go about as upmarket as this blog gets at Luke Nguyen's Fat Noodle in Sydney's Star City Casino.

15 August 2010

12 August 2010

07 August 2010

Tasty House Restaurant ~ Chinese \ Vietnamese - Ashfield

We frequent Tasty House on Liverpool Road in Ashfield specifically for the Chinese noodle soup with chicken and pork ribs on the side, medicinal and just a little naughty.

06 August 2010

Nhat Tan Review ~ Vietnamese - Marrickville

A Friday night quickie at Nhat Tan, one of the classic old Vietnamese joints on Illawara Road, Marrickville, my goat it's good.

05 August 2010

Bund Restaurant & Karaoke ~ Shanghai Chinese - Chinatown [CLOSED]

We take a random punt on the new Bund Restaurant on Goulburn Street, Chinatown. Good cheap Shanghai Chinese. Karaoke if you want to. We leave happy. [SADLY BUND HAS CLOSED - NOTED FEB 2012]

04 August 2010

Yee King Noodles Review # 2 ~ North Chinese - Chinatown

Yee King Noodle on Sussex Street in Chinatown is, in professional culinary terms, totally freaking awesome.

02 August 2010

Double Happy Hot Spicy Chinese Soup ~ Bijou Lane Chinatown (CLOSED)

Double Happy on Bijou Lane off Quay Street in Chinatown is tiny but gives double happiness on a cold rainy winter night. (CLOSED)

01 August 2010

A Quick Noodle Soup at Happy Chef ~ King Street Newtown

Introducing the traditional Newtown Happy Chef Chinese hangover cure, only $9 for eternal rehydration...