01 May 2010

Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria Review ~ Lebanese Pizza & Bakery - Enmore Road, Enmore

Manoosh is more than just great Lebanese pizza, judging by the crowds of hungry students, it’s a community service.

Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria

We tried Lebanese pizza for the first time a year or so ago when Manoosh Lebanese Pizzaria appeared in Enmore. We were instantly hooked. For the life of us we can't figure out why Lebanese pizza hasn't swept the nation, it is yum times ten and excellent value.

Lebanese pizzas have a thin, light base and usually one or two toppings. My favourite is the Zataar with Cheese. Zaatar is a tangy mixture of dried herbs, sesame seeds and salt. This is only $4, it tastes sensational and it does me for lunch.

Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria

Miss Chicken is out on the turps tonight so I grab my self a takeway for dinner, a Lebanese pizza with zataar and labneh, Lebanese yoghurt. It is rolled up and not photogenic, but it is delicious and only $4.

Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria

Manoosh also does great coffee. I should get a Lebanese coffee but I'm a flat white junkie. They also have great Lebanese sweets. We sometimes drop in just for a piece of baclava and semolina cake, only around $1.50 or $2 each from memory.

Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria

Manoosh is primarily a takeaway joint but there is a couple of tables inside and out. It's a great place to sit and watch the wonderful world of Enmore Road float by.

Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria

Better still, get your pizza takeaway and have it with a beer across the road at the Queens Hotel. They never seemed to mind us bringing in food. though this may change as they are opening a bistro soon. Currently you can order Manoosh from the bar.

Manoosh has quickly become a local institution, kudos to the family that runs it. They are just so nice, always warm and welcoming even though they work 25 hours a day. And the food is such good value it is a community service.

Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria is at 170 Enmore Road. You can check out their menu at http://www.manoosh.com.au./

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  1. Manoosh is so delicious and great value. Get a home delivery menu. They deliver quickly and it is the best home delivered comfort food you can ever wish for. Beyond pizzas, their Zataar menu has to be tasted to be believed, it is so good.

  2. Agreed - I love the zataar pizzas!


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