08 May 2010

Hoang Yen Sweet Cake ~ Vietnamese Sweets

Richard Wilkins is filling in for us while we are in Hong Kong.

Hoang Yen Sweet Cake

If you happen to loiter around the Asian supermarkets in Sydney as we do you may notice the array of sweets in plastic containers, usually around the the cash register. We have tried quite a few of them and they are usually dissapointing. We love Asian desserts but for some reason these particular sweeties always look far better than they taste. But we have found an exception: Vietnamese Sweet Cakes. These are delicious.

Hoang Yen Sweet Cake

And naughty.

Hoang Yen Sweet Cake

They have a lovely golden, crunchy\chewy toffee outer crust, topped with sesame seeds.

Hoang Yen Sweet Cake

Inside is a slosh of bean paste. These are very sweet, you only need one. Great with coffee.

We found these in an Asian supermarket in Marrickville, up near Mr Chao's BBQ.


  1. If you visit Cabramatta sometime, you should visit a nice, little local bakery called A&A bakery which has many good taste Vietnamese-style breads and buns. They're located at John Street and you need to get into a small shopping strip.


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