02 May 2010

Takeru Casual Japanese Dining ~ Sussex Street, City

The hunt for best ramen in Sydney continues…

Takeru Japanese Restaurant Sussex Street Sydney Australia

Half the fun in street-eatin' is finding new places. We stumbled upon 'Takeru Casual Japanese Dining' a few weeks ago while taking a walk after eating in Chinatown. One look at the menu told us that this place was good. Today we found ourselves in the city so we came back to give it a whirl. We were so confident it would be good we were planning a second visit before we had eaten.

We'd come back just for the green tea iced latte above, with a scoop of green tea ice cream, oh my god. Nearly every diner had one and folks were getting them takeway too. The menu said these drinks were 'Number 1'. Rightly so. $3.50.

Takeru Japanese Restaurant Sussex Street Sydney Australia

Also described as 'Number 1' was the Kumamoto Tonkotsu Ramen. This is what I came for. The waitress said it was her favourite. This is one of the best broths I have had in Sydney: a nice light porky flavour, light milky texture, almost as good as Japan. The noodles were also top notch, al dente with a buttery aftertaste. If the googie egg was soft boiled I would declare this my favourite tonkotsu ramen in Sydney. This week anyway. $10.90.

Takeru Japanese Restaurant Sussex Street Sydney Australia

Miss Chicken raves about the Sapporo Miso Ramen: the broth has very nicely balanced pork and miso flavour, not overpowering or salty, al dente noodles.

Takeru Japanese Restaurant Sussex Street Sydney Australia

The dried garlic and shallots are like a natural msg that give the broth a real lift.

Takeru Japanese Restaurant Sussex Street Sydney Australia

The interior is dark and calming, modern and urban. Authentically squishy. Lovely, chirpy, Japanese service. A nice retreat from the city.

We are keen to come back soon. Takeru does half-size dishes for around $7 each so you can try a couple of things at a time, or just have a light snack. The menu also had a range of Japanese pastas that we want to try, we never tried the pasta in Japan and we kick ourselves for it.

Takeru Japanese Restaurant Sussex Street Sydney Australia

We leave very happy... We were busting to try the LNC Desert House next door but we were just too full, we did find room for a Crunky chocolate bar from the Japanese Supermarket, it's like a Nestle Crunch, only Crunky.

Takeru Japanese Casual Dining is at 339 Sussex Street, City.

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  1. Takeru used to be my fave place too but not anymore :( sadly they haven't been maintaining their standard. Hubby and I always went for their Kaisendon..but over time they become less fish, less roe, and most recently..less fresh and since then we never came back.. Well I guess their Nanban Chicken and their lunch specials might still be good..


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