25 May 2010

Miss Saigon ~ Vietnamese - Forest Road - Hurstville

The pho restaurant, not the musical.

Hong Kong Street Food Tour Day 4

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Hurstville and in the mood for some Vietnamese tucker then I highly recommend Miss Saigon. It's your basic hole-in-the-wall eat'n'run kinda restaurant, very popular, usually busy and appears to have a legion of dedicated regulars, I guess I am one of them.

Hong Kong Street Food Tour Day 4

Love those pho fixins, I particularly like the chili sauce here, mixed with some hoi sin, oh yeah.

I've been here about ten times but I have only tried the pho, it's dang fine. The menu is packed with street food standards such as bun thit nuong but I'm always in the mood for pho when I get here.


Bun Rieu - about $10. A lovely rich fishy broth with tomato. Tiny crab rissoles with a nice lemongrass kick and pork slices. A new favourite. Highly recommended.

Shawn's had man flu which is ten times worse than lady flu, and needed a noodle soup cure. Egg noodle soup with crispy chicken on the side. The chook and the broth were great. The noodles were cooked well but coated in something salty. Not a favourite rendition of this dish but for $10 we can't complain. Even though we just did.

Hong Kong Street Food Tour Day 4

We've got a real soft spot for this place, we've been dropping in for years and it's always pretty busy. A great place to sit outside and watch the world go by. For sweeties there's a Chinese bakery a few doors down that does great pandan cake. The bakery across the road gets a queue for their Vietnamese rolls.

Miss Saigon is at 185c Forest Road Hurstville.

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  1. Interesting to see this one written up so positively. My Dad has been slating this place for YEARS and I've never eaten there - always go to Bankstown for Vietnamese food or now, if we don't feel like going that way, the other, newer Vietnamese place upstream on Forest Rd.


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