10 May 2010

Legendary travel food find: Indonesian 3-in-1 Coffee Sachets

Any excuse to use the words ‘kopi susu’.

Indocafe Indonesian Coffee

Ever consume something overseas that you hate but are forced to endure repeatedly to the point where you actually like it? Exhibit A: Indonesian 3-in-1 instant coffee.

Indonesia has wonderful coffee, but street vendors often serve up this stuff instead. It's crap, but I drank so much I'm addicted. It's all my fault really. I quickly figured to ask for black coffee, chances are I would get delicious, proper Indonesian coffee. But I just love saying 'kopi susu', coffee with milk. Kopi susu. Kopi susu Kopi susu. The words roll off the toungue and make me feel culturally superior to the average tourist because I know two words of Indonesian. Three if you include 'Bintang'.

Indocafe Indonesian Coffee

Each sachet contains 90% sugar and 9% non-dairy creamer.

Indocafe Indonesian Coffee

Unlike good Indonesian coffee, when you add hot water the contents sink to the bottom rather than rise to the top.

Indocafe Indonesian Coffee

This stuff really is crap coffee yet somehow I have become addicted to it's short, sharp, uber sweet shock. I'm crushed with guilt by the environmental nastiness of individual sachets yet I'm buying the stuff in bulk 30 packs, even when good indo coffee is right next door in the asian supermarket isle. I pray to my travel gods, Tony & Maureen Wheeler, for divine intervention.


  1. lol...I totally concur. Campos is right around the corner from my workplace but sometimes, only those 3-in-1 sachets can tame my caffeine cravings (or is it sugar cravings??). Check out the 3-in-1 Kopi-Teh sachets by Aik Cheong - it's a combination of coffee and tea. Sweet, sinful and oh-so-delicious.

    Love your blog, btw...loving the focus on street food!

  2. Ooooh, I have a confession.....I am sooooooo addicted to 3-in1 coffee. Whenever I travel to a non coffee drinking country like China, I would lug these with me. Here in Sydney, I bought the Ols Town brand of Penang white kopi susu to help me feel less homesick. But I do need my cup of flat white when I get into Uni. But the 3-in1 makes my day.


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