13 May 2010

Pearl River Chinese Beer ~ The Breakfast of Champions

Even better than Chikubu Shake Shake.

Pearl River Chinese Beer

Miss Chicken comes home chuffed with a new find: Pearl River Chinese beer. She picked up a couple of long necks for $6 each from Enmore Fine Wines.

Pearl River Chinese Beer

Most interestingly the ingredients include rice, and it's mid strength at 4%. Manufacturers wisely instruct you not to strike the bottle.

Pearl River Chinese Beer

It is a very light beer in terms of texture and flavour, plenty of bubbles, a great beer to have with a Chinese feed. It's the Resch's Dinner Ale of Asia. Miss Chicken suggested it would be a fine beverage to accompany morning yum cha, a breakfast beer.

Pearl River Chinese Beer

I thought Pearl River beer was a winner, but then again I find anything with the word 'beer' written on the packaging is of top shelf quality. Except Chibuku Shake Shake which I tried in Malawi. It comes in a carton and you shake it before consumption. I can't remember the exact taste, but I assure you it was disgusting.

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