27 July 2010

$9 Whole Chili Fish from Soya King ~ Eating World - Chinatown

The $9 whole fish from Soya King in Eating World food court in Chinatown is hugely popular, a taxi driver special, we give it a test drive.

Eating World food court in Chinatown is where our hole-in-the-wall food obsession began, eating here is like coming home to mamma. The feast above cost a measly $17.50 (excluding beer). Why would you eat in?

No 12 with a bullet is the Pork Mince and Green Bean in Olive Soya Sauce. The beans are wok fried and pop with a little give. The pork bits add immense flavour and there is plenty of oil to coat it all in. $8.50. The dishes all come with rice and a near nothing flavoured soup best drank while it is still hot. Chinese pork'n'beans is one of our comfort foods, this version is excellent, very happy.

Steamed fish with Chopped Chilli Sauce, $9.00. Yes, a whole fish for $9! The plate was really hot, the fish had probably been steamed straight on it. The sauce had a lovely chili flavour, it wasn't overly hot and suited the fish well. There was plenty of fishy flesh for two. The fish itself isn't the tastiest in the world though when it is cooked right it's a very sweet deal. We noticed a few stalls serve the same type of fish, we guess it is imported, it has muddy taste and is best when fried or with a strong sauce. See also our post on whole fish from the Thai joint, Zabza a couple of stalls down.

I'll have the fish please. Me too. Same as him. Another one please. Same again. One more time.

The ambience of Eating World, always buzzing, even on a cold Tuesday night.

Is Christmas in July? Or is it always Christmas at Eating World? Just watch out for those festive Tsingao drinking possums.

Eating World food court is at the top end of the mall, 25-29 Dixon Street, Chinatown.


  1. Wow! $9 is so cheap! And it looks big and delicious too!There's so much cheap food in Chinatown-everytime I go there, I have an urge to try everything! Such a shame my stomach has limits.....

  2. If you guys ever go back to Soya King, i'd recommend the pork intestines and kidney noodle soup, number 87 on the menu.


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