29 July 2010

Zhenghao Chinese Restaurant Review ~ Enmore

Zheng Hao Restaurant on Enmore Road is a beacon in a sea of Pad Thai. Good, cheap, simple Northern style Chinese food. Joy.

Zheng Hao does all your regular 'beef and blackbean' style classics but its the northern style dishes that make this place special. And the owners. The folks that runs this place are just dang lovely people. This is our second visit, see our previous post.

Rice Flour Cakes with XO Chili Sauce. $10.80. A delicious alternative to noodles: clumps of rice cake stir fried with pork and veggies in a mild chili sauce, the perfect combination of stodge and spice, wonderful on a cold, rainy, winter night. We'll be back for this one.

Prawn and Pork in Wonton Soup. $8.80. This dish was the perfect counter to the spicy XO rice cake dish above. A clear, very plain, lightly peppered broth with big hand made wontons. Miss Chicken was raving about the lovely silky texture of the wontons, I also loved the plain porky-prawny innards.

Steamed Shanghai Style Mini Pork and Crab Buns. $10.80. These were hand made and well cooked though sadly we couldn't taste the crab, it tasted like a regular pork and chive dumpling. While we were disappointed with this dish we think the bloke out the back has a dab hand when it comes to dumplings. The pan fried dumplings we had on our previous visit were to die for.

Click to enlarge menu.

Click to enlarge menu.

If anybody has had a number 97 Mongolian Lamb with Hot Steel Board we'd love to know what it is...

The stark decor and quirky menu of Zhen Hao gives me a sense of being in China, we love it.

Zhenghou Restaurant is at 83 Enmore Road, Enmore, open 11 am to 11 pm 7 days. Ph 9590 8218. It's just a short stroll from King Street folks, come on and give it a try.

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  1. Although I havne't had this version of the Mongolian Lamb with Hot Steel Board from here, it should be the same as the ones we get in London. Mongolian lamb is a slightly sweet & creamy sauce served on those hot sizzling pans/plate that sizzling and spit like mad! The hot pan keeps the dish hot and you get a more 'fired' taste!

  2. Thanks once again Lucy - we were wondering what hot steel board was!

  3. lol, no problem, glad i can help! I love the fact that you guys have asian taste buds, and how u can differenciate from the real stuff and the stuff for westerns etc. lol


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