05 July 2010

Manoosh Lebanese Pizza ~ Enmore Road Enmore

Food blogging is the perfect hobby for the procrastinator. I have a bucket load of work to do today, instead I take pictures of my lunch and post them on the internet. Are you reading this while pretending to work?

Lunch at Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria and Bakery... I normally go a healthy-ish zataar pizza, see our previous Manoosh post, but today I'm a crazy wild guy on the edge, I'm the Evel Knievel of street food, I order pizza with protein: the Kafta Pizza: lean minced lamb mixed with parsley, onion & spices, served with a wedge of lemon. $6. Bargain.

It's nice though it doesn't blow my stack the way the zataar pizzas do, but that's just me, Miss Chicken loves the Kafta Pizza to bits.

Every time I eat Lebanese pizza a dream of a better world where I could backpack around the entire Middle East, spending my evenings sitting in some outdoor restaurant eating great food, drinking coffee, shooting the shite with the locals and smoking a hooka pipe. Manoosh takes me there for just a little while. Back to life, back to reality...

Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria is at 170 Enmore Road.

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  1. We get Manoosh every now and again. Lovely, but we find it a bit too oily for our liking.


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