31 July 2010

Kampong Boy Review # 2 ~ Malaysian - Hurstville

Our second visit to the new Malaysian street food restaurant, Kampong Boy, Forest Road, Hurstville.

My first thought when we arrived in Kowloon on our Hong Kong trip earlier this year was "this place is just like Hurstville, only bigger." The people seemed so familiar, I felt instantly at home halfway across the world. I love daytime Hurstville, always buzzing, always something new to eat.

I love the coffee at Kampong boy, it's made using the traditional coffee sock method (see our other post) and the taste transports me back to Malaysia for one magic moment. And I love the ye olde traditional use of condensed milk in my coffee, an acquired taste from spending far too long bumming around Southeast Asia, it's coffee and desert all in one. Yum. We'll have to come back to have coffee and kaya toast for breakfast one day...

Prawn noodle soup, $12.80.  Nice rich prawn stock base with hokkein noodles, a few prawnies, fish cake slices, chicken slices, kang kong, bean spouts and half a googie egg. We enjoyed this immensely, though it didn't blow our minds as did the har mee from Singapore Shiok! in Eating World which has a much richer stock, though some folks may prefer the Kampong Boy version as it tastes less like prawn heads.


Nasi KampongBoy $13.80. Coconut rice with fried chicken, chicken (or beef) sate, a lovely prawn sambal type dish, a lovely tangy salad and my favourite, dried anchovies with peanuts. This is a great dish to try because it includes a few choices from the menu. It's like nasi lemak on steroids. We covered this dish more in depth in our previous post.

Hainan Chicken Rice $9.80. The thing I love about chicken rice is that everybody does it a little differently, I've never had two the same. The Kampong Boy version of this dish is made with a liberal dash of Chinese rice wine and tastes like drunken chicken, deliciously different.

Rice is served on the side with chili and dark soy sauces.

Kampong Boy Menu Page 1/2 - Click to enlarge. It even has a Street Food section, just for us...

Kampong Boy Menu Page 2/2 - Click to enlarge

Mrs Chicken leaves me in the husband tie up area outside her favourite Hurstville Asian supermarket, The Advanced Store, I think she likes it just for the name. I love Asian supermarkets but have no interest when I have just eaten, whereas Miss Chicken can go on forever. And that's the difference between men and women.

Kampong Boy is at 370 Forest Road Hurstville, Ph 02 8094 8409. See our earlier post here.

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  1. oh is this new? I cant say that I have seen it before. Must check it out next time I'm in the area. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Yes, they have only been open a few weeks, lots of Malaysian folks were in there though on both my visits :-)

  3. Looks really good and well worth the train trip down there

  4. Been to this restaurant several times with different friends and everybody has really enjoyed the food here. Service is also very good.

  5. Great place for a quick meal. Value for money. Once you have been to the restaurant you will come back for more...
    Gotta try the prawn noodle soup.


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