13 July 2010

$10.50 Whole Fish at Zabza Thai Cuisine ~ Eating World Chinatown (CLOSED)

We have noticed whole fish is very popular and cheap on our recent visits to Eating World, tonight we try the whole fish at Zabza Thai Cuisine. CLOSED - 2011.

Thai beer to match Thai fish. If only they had some some Samsong Thai whiskey and soda, or a Mekhong whiskey set with Coke and Redbull, I feel hungover just thinking about it. Best we eat.

Pad Pak Boon. We are over the moon about this one, steamed water spinach with a nice Thai spicy kick and  fermented soy beans.  $6.50. I'll be back for this one, three thumbs up (I was born in Tasmania).

The Som Tum Pu. This papaya salad was very plain, Thai afficianados would be dissapointed though it was a nice fresh accompaniment to the fish. And hey, it's not exactly peak papaya season, what can we expect?  $8.

Ginger steamed fish with rice. When we ordered a whole fish for only $10.50 we expected something the size of a slightly bloated anchovy, but this is a big generous fleshy fish. The fish was definitely good value though it didn't set our taste buds on fire: he was a 'muddy' tasting fish and the sauce seemed to have a strong Cantonese influence, thick and plain. Perhaps we should have ordered the fried fish, we saw one very happy looking Thai lady walk off with a very nice looking fried whole fish.

The whole feed came to $25 including rice for two and some soup. Except for the sensational kang kong it wasn't the most exciting meal we have had but it was super cheap.

Zabza Thai Cuisine is in the middle of the hall, next to the most excellent Indonesian stall.

The most interesting dishes are on the board at the front.

Eating World food court is at the top end of the mall, 25-29 Dixon Street, Chinatown.

There's a few stalls that do whole fish, next time we'll try the Chinese joint a couple of stalls down.


  1. Lol at the three thumbs up. Nice price for a cooked fish though the muddy flavour always puts me off. The som tum looks quite good, shame it didn't deliver

  2. There's always Chinese taxi drivers eating whole fish down there, they're on to something...

  3. Singha Beer is one of the best beer i've ever tasted! Beer Lao also!

  4. You two's food blog has kept me avidly reading all of your blogs past blogs since the day I stumbled across them last week ! I a massive foodie nerd and have even resorted to looking back at your 2010 blogs. Not much to as you already know you are doing a fantastic job, only wish there was this much variety of hole in the wall joints here in the UK. One thing I've noticed is everytime you mentioned the cheapo whole fish deals at various places you mention a 'muddy' taste. This is classic complaint when eating river fish so can only assume the eatries are buying cheap farmed river fish, probrably from Vietnam

  5. Yes we're pretty sure it's farmed Vietnamese fish, it's great fried, not so hot steamed.


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