25 July 2010

Street Food Salutes Hello Panda Biscuits

We pay hommage to Hello Panda biscuits, the Tim Tam of Asia.

I'm not sure if Hello Panda is related to Hello Kitty but they are both from Japan, so I'm sure they are friends, or at least nodding acquaintances.

Hello Pandas are panda shaped, bite sized hollow plain biscuits with a dollop of delicious chocolatey goo inside, and an action panda picture on the front. Sometimes he has a bullet hole in him, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Warning: Hello Pandas are fiendishly addictive. They don't taste anything like a Tim Tam but they have the same moorish quality. Hello Pandas come in a few flavours but the plain-outside\chocolate-inside ones are by far the best in our bloated opinion.

Hello Panda is originally from Japan but has made his way all over Asia and is easy to find in Australia in Asian grocers and some mainstream supermarkets. At Christmas time you can get giant boxes of them - we stocked up as gifts and converted some skeptical kiddies like the panda pimps we are.

We first discovered Hello Pandas while stocking up on snackage for long haul bus rides in Asia, it was love at first bite.

We can't find our other favourite Asia bus snack and tummy settler, plain old Tiger Susu biscuits - if anybody knows where to find Tiger Susus in Sydney we'd love to know :-)

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