30 July 2010

Hong Kong Street Food Tour Day 5 - Wanchai, Hong Kong Island

Day 5 of our Hong Kong street food tour - Bowrington Road Market Cooked Food Centre and 369 Restaurant Shanghai Food in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island.

We've been hiking around town all morning and tummy rumbles are kicking in. We find a "Cooked Food Centre" which is hawker centre\food court type place, upstairs at Bowrington Road Market, Wanchai.

These cooked food centres are brilliant, packed with hawker stalls and punters. The range of food is amazing and it's so cheap.

This place is heaving with humanity during a lunchtime rush and everything is in Chinese, the hawkers are too busy to help a pair of befuddled Aussie tourists, but this nice lady finds us a seat and is happy to look after us.

Soy sauce chicken on rice, oh yeah.

Steamed chicken on rice. So simple and just sooo gooooddd. And only about $3 Aussie per serve. I want to leap into my computer screen and eat this sucker all over again.

Lovely shallot and soy sauces for chook dipping.

Why can't proper hand made ice lemon tea catch on down under? It's so cheap to make and tastes so good.

Open air butcher stall.

More bbq goodness.

This fishy was so fresh and expertly carved that the heart was still pumping.The ways the gills are presented is gruesomely artful

At night we can't find anywhere outdoors to eat so we give this 3.6.9. Shanghai Food a whirl. This place was so incredibly friendly we are kicking ourselves for being too shy to get photos of the staff. The head waiter guy, Mr Kho Shun, which apparently means high mountain, was our instant best friend. Even the guy mopping the floor as I went out back to the bathroom greeted me like a long lost cousin, it was amazing. So was the food. Dumplings were very popular here but we in the mood for something new...

Chicken chili peanut sauce Szechuan style. Tasted as good as it looks.

Bean curd and pork soup.

Cold pig tripe with a soy, sesame base. Really yummy, even for an offal agnostic like me.

This dish was outstanding: broad beans with crab meat and crab roe. I had only recently learnt the food porn qualities of double peeled broad beans, mixing it with crab takes it to another level of food porn, a level of food porn that I can't think of a family friendly name for...

3.6.9. Shanghai is at 30-32 O'Brien Road, corner of Jaffe Road, Wan Chai

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