23 July 2010

Dan Dan Review ~ Japanese - Neutral Bay

We heard there is good Japanese to be found in Neutral Bay, we try Dan Dan on Military Road.

Sapporo beer on tap, $8 and pure joy on a sunny winter afternoon.

Soy sauce marinated baby squid, raw whole tiny squiddies soaked in soy with grated radish on top. $5.80.

It tasted very "squiddy", an acquired tasted perhaps, a bit much for us but it was fun to try.

Tonkotsu Shio ramen, 'pork stock and salted soup', $10.80. The pork was to die for, thick rich and fatty, the eggs and noodles were excellent too, the broth was good but didn't have that magic that a great tonkotsu ramen does.

Tonkotsu Miso ramen, 'pork stock and miso based soup'. $10.80. Same melt-in-your-mouth pork and soft boiled googie eggs, excellent noodles and the broth had a wonderful balance of pork stock and miso, very full flavoured with a red miso base.

A lovely little spot on a sunny afternoon, even with the uber busy Military Road a few metres away.

Dan Dan is at 197 Military Rd Neutral Bay.

Sorry for the fuzzy menu pics, had my camera on the wrong setting - doh!

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