21 January 2011

East West Gourmet ~ Chinese Malaysian - Mandarin Food Court - Chatswood

A most excellent har mee at East West Gourmet in The Mandarin Centre Food Court, Chatswood.

Our eternal quest for books brings us to the Mandarin Centre food court in Chatswood. It's peacefully empty on a stinking hot Saturday afternoon.

The har mee  - Malaysian\Singaporean prawn noodle soup - is only available on certain days, which is a sign that care goes into the broth. Thankfully Saturday is one of those days. The har mee has the uber prawny broth that I love, I can smell prawnheads before it even hit the table, oh yeah. Plus there's thick and thin noodles, the most unusual but tasty roast pork, and some prawnies. A sweet deal at $9.50.

Not all stalls are open but East West Gourmet is pulling punters out of nowhere. The two chefs out the back were working at double time to get through the orders before they closed.

Stir Fried Chili Chicken & Beans - $9.50. The big hunks of roasted chillis give a nice balance of flavour and heat. The flavours are strong, a dish best shared. It was great to try this dish with chicken as it usually comes with pork, it made it a lot more substantial.

There were quite a few other good looking dishes to try - a salmon head soup caught Alison's eye. Don't you hate it when you see something better after you have already ordered? We should of just had it as well!
The Mandarin Centre is at cnr of Albert & Victor Streets in Chatswood. Head up the escalators for the food court.

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  1. That looks a pretty good har mee.

    You must've been there late if so many stalls were closed.

  2. Yeah that har mee was a beauty. There's another Malaysian stall that does har mee as well, must try...

  3. We got there around 4.00 and so it was in that witching hour when it's too late for lunch and too early for dinner.

  4. I went to the shop today to try the Har Mee. My conclusion was it was OK only. I am Malaysian and love Har Mee very much. What I found was the stock for the Har Mee wasn't good enough :) Anyway, probably in Sydney, when you don't have many choices, you can't complaint much ya! :))

  5. It's probably one of the better har mee's we've tried. I think Har mee taste is a personal thing too - what is better to some is probably second rate to others.

  6. East West does what I think is one of the nicest Hianeese Chicken in Chatswood. and do try their sambal , tasty yet not overly hot

  7. Mmmm, we must try it... Which reminds me we heard May's is good as well, so much food to try, only two tummies...

  8. I go there all the time, its the best asian place in the food court there. The chilli soup and rice is a real experience + crispy skin chicken + some dish i have with salad, noodles and rich sauce pork + no 1 soup.

  9. You should definitely go back and try the salmon head. It is very good!


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