28 January 2011

Sinma Laksa House ~ Singaporean \ Malaysian - Kingsford

Sinma Laksa House in Kingsford is a Singapore/Malaysian gem we have been driving-by for years.


Sinma Laksa House  is perched on the edge of a busy roundabout on Anzac Parade, obscured by trees it's easy to overlook as you drive by.

We visit Sinma Laksa House on an uber hot and sweaty Australia Day. The air-conditioning makes us happy to be old farts not at the Big Day Out.  The vibe is cheap and cheerful plus tablecloths. Today it's made extra special by the large tables of extended Singaporean\Malaysian families chatting and chowing down.

Ice Coffee Malayisan style, ie with condensed milk, and Ice Tea Tarek $3.80. The tea (in front) is by far the winner, cold and frothy and not too sweet.

Alison opts for nasi campur, 3 choices from the bainmarie of pleasure plus rice for ($8.50, or $9.50 for three curries). She wisely goes for curry squid, grilled crunchy prawns and tofu and beans. The grilled prawns are cooked and served in the shell, we assume that's the way to eat them. After a lifetime of shelling prawns it's weird to eat them with their jammies on, but the shells are soft with just a little crunch, and the shells keep the flesh moist, it works. You can eat the heads, if you want to... ...the curry has a good flavour and complements the squid rather than overpowering it. There's a generous amount of squeaky bits of sotong (especially the tentacles!).  ...and the beans have a distinct belecan (shrimp paste) flavour that ties it in nicely with the other fishy selections.

Hainanese Chicken Rice, around $9. The Hainanese chook is good, moist and tender. It arrives with a light drizzle of soy which gives it some extra flavour, though I do prefer my chook unadorned. The rice is not forgotten and has that 'cooked-in-chicken-stock' flavour we are looking for. The chili has a real vinegar tang to it.

Har Mee - the broth didn't have the big prawn-head kick we are obsessed with but it was still very tasty. Lots of kang kong, thick and thin noodles, pork, prawns, slices of fish cake, small chunks of chicken, dried shallots on top and a googie for good measure. Kind of a United Nations of animals represented in there.


Turnip cake - $10.50. The hawker classic of stirfried hunks shredded radish. This version comes with a few prawns which is much appreciated. This comfort dish is hard to find in Sydney, you can also find it at Alice's Makan in the city.

Nasi lemak - $10.50. We dig the coconut rice which is slightly green which means it must have a touch of pandan, it's fantastic.

Once again the place is buzzing, three-quarters full with happy Singapore/Malaysian folks chatting and chomping on a Sunday afternoon. The vibe is wonderful. We love this place.

Sinma Laksa House is at 391 Anzac Parade Kingsford. Ph 02 9313 7663.

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  1. Ha ha - prawns with their jammies on. Love it! I love prawns in jammies as I'm always too lazy to peel them anyway.

    Although I (finally) had green beans last night I'm already jealous of your beans. Must try Teh Tarek...looks so good.

  2. I reckon those Silk Road beans are better...

  3. I have spoken to the cook last week. Apparently, the owner or the boss has opened another branch in Hurtsville with the same name. The boss used to be the head chef in Kingsford is now at Hurtsville. So who runs the show in Kingsford? Apparently the nephew is the cook now. Quality wise is still the same.

  4. I've never seen this place, not that I drive up Anzac Parade much. The hainan chicken looks a bit unappealing but good to know it tastes all right.

    And only idiots would want to be out in the open crushed up against thousands of people on such a hot day! I'd rather be an old fart too! LOL

  5. This old farts version of a big day out is drinking a goonie under a tree in my own back yard. Roti kaya for breakfast sounds pretty good for me as well. Much cheaper to get the 370 to Kingsford than Malaysia Airlines to KL

  6. Yay goonie - my schooner of gooie = a gooner

  7. Love Sinma Laksa house, but I am one old fart that was at the big day out. After reading this post I am off to Sinma for a feed today.

  8. Not far from where my partner works, we use to come here a lot for their chili mud crab until we figured out how to do it ourselves!

  9. Been to this place quite a few times since discovering it recently. The Nasi Lemak is best in Sydney, heaps of toasted peanuts and anchovies, pickles, caramelized onion, coconut rice. The Nasi Campur is a great lunchtime bargain. I have worked a lot in KL and Singapore and Sinma has the authentic street food flavours I love. I have tried several of the laksas but they are not Sinma's strong point.

  10. Thanks for the tips citizen3001 - we'll be back to try more of their delights, maybe not the laksa (not so much my favourite anyway.

  11. I have seen this place so many times when I used to drive from eastgarden to roseberry, but never thought twice about it.

  12. Heya - I remember you visited my blog post about Kampong Boy Hurstville. Did you know that Sinma have just opened another branch in Hurstville? They even have the same tablecloths ;) They don't do the breakfast there though - otherwise my Singapore born parents would be there every morning! I think it's 234 or 236 Forest Road (it's hard to tell from Streetview ha ha) nr the Meridian Hotel.

  13. Oh wow thanks for the tip graciek, somebody mentioned the new Sinma it in the comments but I had no idea where it is, now it's on our hit list, much appreciated :-)

  14. Occasionally drop in here for the chicken rice which is yummy and sometimes try something random for good measure.

    Took my parents there, dad ordered the fish head curry and mum ordered the KL Loh Mee. We also got the chicken rice and some chicken satay and some fried chicken mini drums from the bain marie for my nephew. Both parents think it was delicious and very authentic. Mum and I squeezed in some ice kacang for dessert.
    Even though they live in the north shore, I'm sure they'll be back to try some of the other dishes. Be cheaper than flying back to Malaysia!


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