12 January 2011

Mr Han Traditional Restaurant ~ Chinese - Eastwood

While we don't meet International Man of Mystery Mr Han, we do find pig guts and raw egg.

We are back out on the hunt for books, this time up into the north west extremeties of Eastwood. After the Golden Wheel, Mr Han Traditional Restaurant is the first place we find to eat on Rowe St - why go any further? 

I find a small cold side dish almost a compulsory addition to lunch these days, especially over summer. This is a side dish of shredded tofu and sparkling fresh coriander, only $4.80. The tofu had a very, very light flavour of sesame oil, almost like they just waved the bottle close to it.

Pig intestines noodle soup, $8.80. Pig guts are a compulsion for me. It's something I think I will never cook so I order it at any opportunity. The bits of intestine have been lightly cooked and are covered in a tasty gravy that sits on top of the soupy broth. The gravy slowly melts into the soup and changes the flavour as you get through the bowl.

Shawn thinks it's so tasty you could give it to someone who would never in their life eat offal. I think the gravy helps. The onions in the soup are thick and plentiful, and the yummy noodles took some careful manoeuvring to get any in your mouth they were so super slippery. Don't wear a white shirt!

Steamed Rice with Beef and Poached Egg. $8.80. Shawn continues his obsession with Chinese sloppy comfort dishes. This one's a winner, though it ain't pretty. Super simple and plain but filling and medicinal.

The runny poached egg is hidden in the middle. Man up and mix it in.

Mr Han Traditional Restaurant is at 261 Rowe St Eastwood, right at the end of the line of shops. Ph: 9804 0288. They don't have a takeaway menu.

There's some gold on the menu here, our dishes were good but we recken the best is yet to be tried, we'll be back. We also noticed on the way out there is a backyard seating area which could be an interesting change to sitting inside.

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  1. Hooray for sloppy comfort food. Beef and egg on rice is one of my favourites. :-)

  2. Wohoo! Glad it's not just me into Chinese sloppy confort food!

  3. Looks good though I'd have gather some courage to eat the pig intestine. The last time I ate it was a bit of a shitty tasting experience. I've added this place to Urbanspoon so you can link up if you like

  4. Pig Guts Soup...pass! You guys are my food heroes eating all kinds of weird & wonderful things so I don't have to.

  5. I swear if you didn't know it was pig intestines you guys would have been lapping it up, it kinda tasted like pork in hoisin. Thanks for the Urban Spoonage John, you're a true gent :-)

  6. Those tofu looks delicious. I'm not a huge fan of sloppy comfort food, but pass that plate of intestines right on over!


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