27 January 2011

The Meeting Point ~ Taiwanese - Chinatown [CLOSED]

Sydney in summer is hot, so we go in search for some cool Taiwanese food at The Meeting Point, in Chinatown. [CLOSED]

New places in Chinatown are popping up everywhere. The Meeting Point seems to appear out of nowhere tucked away at the quiet end of Market City, or at least we find it by accident by walking a different way down Quay St.

This Taiwanese cafe is housed in a high converted corner of Paddy's Markets. There's two levels of seating inside and tables outside. There's a broad cheap menu including hot pots, skewers, salads, noodles and soups.

It's so hot so we decide to avoid anything with a temperature above lukewarm. Most people seem to be here for the shabu shabu, but the thought of a hot flame centimetres away isn't too appealing tonight. I order a Stewed Pork Knuckle Bento Box complete with tasty pork mince topped rice, half flavoured egg, cooked bean sprouts and a side of seasonal vegies. ($10.80).

The pig knuckle, all skin, fat, bone, meat and tendon, has been stewed in a stock with strong star anise flavours and salty soy and is a classic Chinese braised cut of meat. The layer of fat and skin is soft and the hearty hunks of pork underneath are like little tasty prizes.

Our appetizer of Hot and Spicy Mixed Sampler (tofu jerky, pigs ear, stewed beef and peanuts, $7.80) has a similar flavour. The flavour is carried through all the different bits and pieces, almost a bit too much so that no one piece really shines. The peanuts are surprisingly soft, taking them closer to their natural state rather than pushed toward the crunchy nut side.

Soy Sauce Eggplant ($4) is ordered from the cold appetizers menu on the specials board but comes out hot. That's no problem, it's soft and silky and not too oily.


Last of all comes our Taiwanese cold noodles. By this time we're getting full (why does the heat in summer shrink your appetite?). The nutty sesame sauce is great mixed in with the noodles and there's not too much of it so that it overpowers the noodles.

One of the best deals on the menu is a big iced tea you can order for an additional $2 if you order a bento, noodle or shabu shabu. On such a hot night, we could have had a jug each. The passionfruit green tea is super sweet and fruity, and Shawn's lemon yakult tea has a tangy zippy ting.

The Meeting Point Menu - Click to Enlarge

The Meeting Point Menu - Click to Enlarge

The hot pots appear to be the most popular choice on the menus (especially for all the lovey dovey couples - get your photo on the wall of fame at the counter!). We'll be back for a hot pot when our body temperature drops a notch or two.

The Meeting Point is at Shop 1/9-13 Hay Street Haymarket. www.themeetingpoint.com.au. ph 02 9280 3680.

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  1. I would never have known about this place as I never venture that way past Paddy's; Taiwanese places are popping up everywhere now! Looks good.

  2. Soy sauce eggplant. I'm groaning with pleasure. Great find

  3. I've walked past here several times but never seen many people in here. It's seen a few changes of tenant over the last couple of years. I do like the look of that pork hock - tasty prizes indeed!

  4. I agree with John about the eggplant. It looks like it would just melt in your mouth!


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