07 January 2011

Mamak Village ~ Malaysian Street Food - Glebe [CLOSED]

Woohoo! There's a new Malaysian street food joint on Glebe Point Road: Mamak Village. Yum.



We're always happy to see a new Malaysian joint appear. Alison spotted Mamak Village when she was out for lunch today, we raced back for dinner the same night. Mamak Village replaces the Chinese skewer joint Mr Fire, which replaced Glebe Noodle House not so long ago.

Looks promising! The explanation of what the cuisine stands for is a nice piece of stomach friendly writing! We've always been amazed it has taken so long to get more roti joints in Sydney.

Mamak Village Menu - Click to Enlarge. Any good Malaysian joint has a short menu, in our humble opinion.

Mamak Village Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Pandan Chicken - chicken skewers in pandan leaf, $6.00. The plastic bamboo plates are a nice touch.

The pandan chicken is devine. When it's unwrapped it has some crispy bits that are incredibly tasty. There's also small bits of green herbs inside, it has been flavoured so well it really doesn't need the dipping sauce it comes with.

Roti Canai - quite a good one too, with three dipping sauces. $4 at lunch. $5 at dinner. Very happy.

Nasi Lemak - coconut rice, acar acar (delicious freshly pickle salad), chicken curry, ikan bilis (peanuts & anchovy), and sambal. $10 at lunch, $13 at dinner. Double happy.


Kapitan chicken - $14. Chicken curry never blows our mind but we kinda felt like it tonight. Plenty of tender chook and the sauce has some interesting spice notes. We dig.

Kampong Nasi Goreng - about $13. Fried rice with a couple of hunks of crunchy fried chicken, some slithers of tangy pickled vegetables and a little sweet sambal. Nothing earth shattering but a good pre-pub meal.

Mamak Village is at 25 Glebe Point Road. www.mamakvillage.com.

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  1. OMG! I am so going here next week! Drool.

  2. I went here last week and it is really good stuff, comparable if not better than Mamak, Temasek etc, maybe better in some areas, nasi lemak very nice, chicken slipping off bone. Agree with this review, pickles nice touch. Also they do teh tarik, should be more of it in Sydney!

  3. Ah we must've missed each other by a matter of hours! lol. Was here last week too. I agree - the pandan chicken was by far my favourite. Char kway teow is pretty good too.

  4. Hehe, I saw this restaurant slowly pop up during a series of bus rides into Glebe. Can't wait to check it out! Looks like a fantastic addition to the neighbourhood!

  5. is that mamak store halal ?

  6. Not sure if it is Halal or not, I think it is Malay operated so you may be in luck :-)

  7. they served no pork , as the waiter is muslim.

  8. It's hard to see in the photos, but the menus have in big signs SERVED NO PORK. There are no halal certifications on the menu or in the shop window.

    Also, they are currently selling out BBQ units for $100 - probably from the old owners.

  9. Thanks for the tip. Went here tonight after the cinema and the food was good. I'm heading to Malaysia (Sabah) in 6 weeks and it definitely got us in the mood!

  10. Oh jennyc72 so jealous - yet to make it to that part of Malaysia. Hope you find some tasty goodies (no doubt you will).

  11. I prefer this place over Mamak, way less wanky and 'cool', the food is just as good, cheaper and less crowded, less items on the menu but so what, they have everything I want :)

    Fried chicken is great, nasi lemak is good too, rendang is hit & miss, sometimes great, sometimes not so great ..

    1. It's a great alternative for sure. I have become addicted to the Mamak Village Noodles, the rats tail wok fried noodles. Mmmmmmmmm


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