18 January 2011

Asian Express ~ Chinese - Broadway/Central [CLOSED]

Asian Express on Broadway at Central is one of those eat'n'run joints that's easy to overlook. Don't be deterred by the six lanes of traffic right outside, just pretend you're in Shanghai, or be drunk.

[Closed early\mid 2014 - replaced by Mr Noodle - same owners with new menu and fitout]

HLJ Asian Express and Golden Century Chinese Restaurants Chinatown Sydney

We often raid the wonderful warming trays of gold outside Asian Express for Chinese street food snacks. These are cheap, tasty and filling, perfect for pre-pub stomach-liners, see our other post. Tonight however we're after post-pub grub. Alison does the ordering for she still has the power of speech.

Shredded duck with salted vegetables & rice noodle $9.80. I vaguely remember this as being sensational, with a texture like Singapore noodles, it was amazing at the time. Even more amazing is that we actually managed to take photos vaguely in focus while the world was so very very blury.

Fried rice cake with chinese spinach and something else indecipherable from Alison's drunken note-taking, but tasty. $8.80. This also seemed food cooked for a royal court at the time.

Cabbage noodle soup - $6.80. We remember forgetting we ordered soup, and being very happy to find it on the corner of our table.

HJL Asian Express is at 849 George Street, Sydney, across from Central Station, see other Asian Express post.

In the future we plan to return to see if these dishes taste just as good sober, the 'kebab test' we call it.


  1. Drunken photos, love it! I hope this put together this post a little soused too! LOL

  2. Ha ha - you kids are crazy! You'll go back to Asian Express sober and realise it's acutally in Homebush and not at Central at all.

  3. I've had drunken chicken plenty of times, but I was living it this time!

  4. I'm quite partial to the rainbow slice of rice cake and red bean. Chewy starchy deliciousness!

  5. My favourite passing by snack is the chive pancake - although the green bits tend to stick to your teeth afterwards. I must break the clutches of favourites and try the plastic wrapped red bean goodness.

  6. We always end up at somewhere in chinatown after a night out, usually golden century or east ocean, and end up ordering way too much food.

  7. Aw we LOVE Golden Century - we must give East Ocean a go...

  8. Is anyone sober in Golden Century or East Ocean after 10.00pm?

  9. Had a "chow session" at Chinese Express today.

    Menu Item No.: 72
    Desc.: "BBQ Pork & Duck with Rice"
    Damage: $13:00
    Rating: 10/10 (Excellent !!!)

    "C'mon down to Chinese Express at Broadway and let them do it right for you."

    Later I ordered two bork buns from their front counter and scoffed them down on the foot path. Great tucker !!!


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