31 January 2011

Hong Kong Cuisine ~ Chinese - Geelong

I'm in Geelong for a conference and have eaten solidly for three days. There's something irresistible about hotel breakfast buffets and the endless cookies and cake at conference breaks. But I've missed my street food haunts and I have some time to kill before my flight and decide to get something simple to eat.

Geelong is an old town, and there are plenty of food places that look like they opened in the gold rush in Victoria in the 1850's. 

This Chinese place would be perfect but it wasn't yet open. Shawn would have had the sweet and sour in a flash.


Wandering around on a hot day, I finally found the simple place I was looking for. There were a few students inside, always a sure sign of something cheap and tasty.

There was a soap opera playing itself out on a large screen to amuse the diners. I bet they are fighting over a guy.

The pictures on the wall showed asian cuisine of all types, but this place wasn't that flash to have everything they displayed.

I'd also just picked up a copy of Snake Fang Salad by Greg Elms and was inspired by the beautiful shot of steaming dumplings on the front cover. I was so hungry I was licking the pictures.

The choices were simple, a hint of Malaysian and Indo influence, and the prices were cheap.

I ordered the plainest, simplest most medicinal item on the menu - a wonton noodle soup, $8.50.

The wontons were peppery and chewy, and the broth had the restorative quality needed. The soup itself wasn't mind blowing, magical or magnificent, but on that afternoon it was all I could have asked for.

Hong Kong Cuisine is in Geelong, next door to the Red Cross shop on Bellarine St.


  1. I've never visited Geelong, but this looks decent for a cheap lunch or dinner.

  2. As the student numbers increase with the new Geelong campus at Deakin University there should be increase in great places to eat.

  3. This is a good finding. I love 'Wantan' noodle. The broth and the texture of the noodle is important to me. However, I have never been to Geelong, but with this information I may go there and give it a try. Thank you and Gong Xi Fa Cai to you!


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