06 April 2011

Lao Village ~ Lao & Thai - Fairfield

Fried quail, raw beef salad and beef ball soup; washed down with egg soda at Lao Village in far flung Fairfield.

We're obsessed with Fairfield after our feed at Frank's a couple of nights ago. Tonight we hit Lao Village for Lao & Thai street food classics. Lao Village has been around since the 1980's and appears never to have changed, we hope it never will. The only decorations we noticed were an oriental bamboo bong smoking picture and an intriguing display of ancient air conditioning units. It seemed that at least three generations of the same family were working tonight. Grandma is possibly the smallest lady we have ever seen, though we reckon she would beat Shawn in a fight. This place is special, definitely worth a trip across town for.

A plate of lettuce, cabbage and fresh herbs arrives first. The main thing Shawn remembers about eating in Laos many moons ago was fresh herbs and salad served with almost everything. Love it.

Sticky rice - $2.50. A generous serve that could feed two in a pinch.

Sweet egg soda and a traditional Coca Cola. $2.50 each.

We've become a little obsessed with egg soda lately. It is simply egg yolk, soda water and condensed milk, best with ice. Some kind of chemical reaction happens between the soda and the egg yolk. This lovely youtube lass demonstrates.

Spicy minced beef salad (raw) - $8. A cooked version is also available, but we love our meat mooing. Dressing is similar to your regular Thai salad, we ordered medium heat which was perfect, a light chili kick. Served with a wedge of lime and tripe to ward off evil vegetarians.

The raw spicy mince is at it's best wrapped up in lettuce leaves and herbs.

Fried quail (small) - $10. These are very well cooked and surprisingly meaty. Served with a lime and pepper dipping sauce.

Beef ball soup - $8. A simple broth to complement our other selections. It is noodle-free hence easy to share. Plenty or tripey bits in here too - these guys love adding tripe wherever they can.

Lao Village Menu. With most dishes around $8.00, you can try quite a few different items. A combo of a salad, rice, some protein and a soup should set you up nicely.

Lao Village Menu.

Lao Village is at 1-3 Anzac Ave, Fairfield. On the quiet side of the station, next to the Fairfield RSL. We find Fairfield a bit spooky quiet at night but luckily all the good eating is a short walk from the train station.

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  1. Delicious.Thanks for including vid on how to make eggy soda-I was intrigued by the very notion since your previous post (with raw egg!), shall definietely give it a whirl x

  2. I'm used to seeing quail served whole. It looks so cold and clinical served up in neat pieces. lol.

  3. I love places that offer you lots of different dishes at low prices, means you can try more things. I would love to try the lao sausages, yum!

  4. Helen - it's even better if it still has a crispy head!

    Susan - lao sausages are great - porky and spicy. I've bought fresh ones in Marrickville - look out for a blog post soon on cooking them.


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