20 April 2011

Thai & Lao Sausages from T&M Meats - Marrickville

Forget your regular Bunnings sausage sizzle and try these Thai and Lao style snags at your next BBQ.

Window shopping the butchers in Marrickville brings up some unexpected rewards. Alison spies these Thai & Lao sausages. These aren't your boring old vaguely flavoured supermarket style sausages. These are the real deal. We've tried Lao sausages before at Savann in Cabramatta, and the chance to cook them at home is one we can't resist.

We decide to try a selection of each - the Lao ones are the smaller and spicier ones, a lot smaller than we have seen them in restaurants. The Thai variety had an incredible aroma of fresh lime leaves and herbs, you can see the finely sliced leaf through the skin.

We throw them on a griddle pan to cook, with the idea of making a bowl of noodles and salad to go with them.

Boil up some rice vermicelli as the base of the salad - you can even just soak these noodles in hot water.

Nicely char grilled, ready to be sliced up.

For the salad we threw in whatever we had in the fridge - some tomatoes, fresh mushrooms and fresh coriander. Dress with a mix of Thai vinegar, fish sauce, chilli and sugar. Kind of like a jazzed up bun thit nuong. You can see the pink spicy tinge of the Lao sausages at the back and the nubby spots of pork in the Thai ones at the front. A super tasty lunch.

Thai and Lao sausages are available at T&M Meats on Marrickville Rd, down towards the corner of Victoria Road.


  1. I love Lao pork sausages, have not had one since I was a kid. It's definitely something I have never forgotten, but then again have not been to a butcher that stocks them, so thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  2. Oh I have been in that butcher a couple of times and never noticed them before. Looks like a perfect light lunch!

  3. I am so happy I could pop like a beautifully overdone sai-grok.

    Holy crap, I've been dreaming about these things since I left thailand, and thought they would remain nothing but distant tasty memories that regularly leave my pillow full of somnambulent drool.

    Pigbits for tea, methinks.

  4. Great stuff. What a great find. My father lives in Marrickville - this is definitely on the list on the next visit.

  5. I fell in love with Lao sausages at various Thai Lao restaurants in Fairfield etc, and wondered where you can get them. Many Thanks!


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