11 April 2011

Thai Street Food Tour ~ Trang Night Markets

Snacky Thai street food at the Trang weekend night market, southern Thailand.


We were told there were two night markets in Trang, this weekend one by the train station, and another which we were too lazy to walk to. Alison was even too lazy to walk around the markets, she let Shawn wander around unsupervised with his camera.

No wonder this hawker stall guy was so smiley, he did a roaring trade all night. Alison got a craving for this dish of yellow noodles and gravy later in the trip, but we never found it again. Such are the perils of gourmet travelling...

Mushrooms and fixins.

There seemed to be a sushi craze going on, we noticed it in nearly all the night markets we went to.

Spicy salad.

Foodbloggers meet in the wild. We communicate in the only way we know how, by taking pictures of each other. We think the dude is laughing at Shawn's un-manly little Olympus. The stall holders found it infinitely amusing that Shawn was photographing all the food, stupid farang! Then again the locals all over South East Asia find Shawn inexplicably amusing, he just walks along the road and people laugh at him like he's some kind of clown in thongs. He's used to it.

Brightly coloured sweeties.

Grilled fish.

More grilled fish.

Marinated chicken on a stick on hot coals.

Fresh oysters, these were served up on a plate covered in fresh herbs and a mild chili sauce. Perfection.

Oyster fixins.

Fried shrimp paste, these tasted like lightly spiced fish balls.

Fruity iced drink stand. There's no shortage of folks trying something new.

Crispy little merangue filled pancakes.

These are sensational.

Waffles. In technicolour.

Mutant waffle.

Little boys.

Green mango, sliced and served with salt.

Everything is better with corn.

Fresh crabs.

Donuts. These tasted like semi cooked cake mix, style over substance...

We're not sure what these were, but they looked good, only so much room in the tum.

Fried noodles.

Rolled crepes with mystery filling.

Chicken biryani, we saw this around a lot.

The sweetie stand is popular.

Mutant coconut balls.

Deep fried battered prawns with basil. Decadent and  super crunchy.

The rear end of the market.

This market sets up after the last train has gone through Trang station. The set up was so quick - we had only just finished a beer and it was happening.


  1. Oh I love those crispy meringue sweets. Every time I go to thailand I look for them

  2. "Then again the locals all over South East Asia find Shawn inexplicably amusing, he just walks along the road and people laugh at him like he's some kind of clown in thongs."

    Thank you. Finally I'm cured.

    I thought I was the only one who was ridiculed in S.E. Asia. Some days I've been scared shitless to venture outside my hotel room when in Asia, because I know what was awaits me outside. I used to take it personally, but I soon learnt the locals are not as inhibited to express their feelings as we are in the west. In fact I learnt to use their curiosity to my advantage. After reading your blog I might be finally cured of my phobia of having the locals look and laugh at me when I travel trough out Asia.

  3. Once in Vietnam while paying my bill in a restaurant, the cashier girl couldn't suppress her giggling as hard she tried, she was going to split at the sides with laughter. "Um, what's so funny" I asked. "You" she says pointing at me "You're so fat! Ahahahahah!!!"

    Having a passing resemblance to the laughing Buddha makes me a walking sideshow. But hey, it's fun to be a novelty rather than just the regular white trash I am at home :-)

    Just roll with it, play it up, act a bit silly, it's fun :-)


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