16 April 2011

Makan@Alice's ~ Malaysian - Thornleigh

There's gold in them thar hills - roti canai, har mee and nasi lemak at Makan@Alices Malaysian in Thornleigh. [CLOSED JUNE 2012 - now open in HBSC Food Court in the city]

It takes a lot more than Hillsong to get us out to The Hills District. Our kind of happy clapping happens at Makan@Alice's in Thornleigh when we see menu full of Malaysian street food classics. Alice's is worth a trip across town for, on our visit the place was packed with hungry Malaysians who obviously agree.

Nasi lemak - $10.80, your choice of beef or chicken. We're usually not excited about beef rendang (we prefer the dry Sumatran style) but this one is a ripper, fall-apart tender. The rice has just the right amount of coconut, the sambal is divine without being super hot, and the ikan bilis is unadorned, just the way we like it.

Our first choice was Hainanese chicken rice but they had sold out, we hear this happens often, apparently you need to get in early for a chicken rice fix.

Har Mee - prawn noodle soup - $11.80 (Friday and Saturday only). This has the super prawny broth we love, you can taste the fresh prawn stock, on par with our favourite har mee pusher, Singapore Shiok!

Roti canai with chicken curry - $11.80. The roti is fluffy on one side and crispy on the other, roti fans should definitely give this a try. We would prefer your regular roti canai with just a little curry sauce or dahl for a few dollars less like at Mamak, alas we can't have everything.

Makan @ Alice's Menu - Click to Enlarge

Makan @ Alice's Menu - Click to Enlarge

Makan@Alice's is at 262-264 Pennant Hills Road, Thornleigh. Phone 9484 8288. - www.aliceskuih.com.au

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  1. This place is SO on my hit list...looks like the food is dang good.

  2. sold out of Hainanese chicken rice? Poor thing you guys missed out :(! I have yet to visit and want to go but it's so far!

  3. I have always wanted to go to this place.

  4. so sad it closed in June 2012.

  5. But it's opening again soon guys I'm so excited! They have relocated to the city so check out their facebook page!

    1. Yes, I just saw that recently (see our latest post on closures in 2012), can't wait to try it.


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