26 April 2011

MH ~ Hong Kong Chinese - Chinatown

Hong Kong style Chinese BBQ, noodles and soups with the added goodness of touchscreen ordering at MH in Chinatown.

Minh Hai BBQ (or MH) is an upbeat Hong Kong style eatery. Just like Hongkers, there's Chinese BBQ out the front, it's full of goodies and does a solid takeaway trade.

Inside is clean and modern with dark mood lighting and comfy booth seating. The tables are little high, or the chairs a little low, either way we feel like kids eating at the grown ups' table. It's a calming kind of place on a quiet public holiday.

And there's touchscreens, woohoo! We love touchscreen ordering, order what you want, when you want. The novelty never wears off.

Salty lemonade - $4.50. We order this out of curiosity. It tastes like fizzy gatorade. Yum.

Deep fried pork chop - $4.80. At this price Shawn can't resist.

Salted chicken set - $14.80. Chicken poached in salt water, served cool, excellent for lunch. With the set also comes a fried chicken wing, plus your choice of drink and dessert.

Black sesame paste - unusual on first try, sweet and delicious.

Hot tea with honey and lemon.

Steamed fish fillet - $9.80. A nice big hunk of fish for the price, in ginger and shallot, with a nice slick of oil at the bottom to make up for the healthy fish. Very happy.

The food at MH is good and cheap, highly recommended for a casual lunch or dinner. We're keen to come back for breakfast congee and soy duck.

MH is at 92 Hay Street, Haymarket, opposite Paddy's Market. Phone (02) 9281 9720.

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  1. Oh this looks good! Can't wait to try!!

  2. Nice! I always pass this place when I'm at uni but I never ventured inside. It looked more like a Taiwanese eatery than a HK-style one! How deceptive are appearances!

  3. This place was quite pan Asian - they were playing K Pop on the videos but the food seemed more Hong Kong style. The decor is wild - all shiny tiles and dark textured surfaces.

  4. I'll have to try out this place some day, if only for the touch screen menus :) I must agree- the novelty never wears off! :D

  5. looks great, I love touch screen menus cause you can actually see what you are getting.

  6. Walking by since our feed here I notice the salt chicken is a bit of a hit.

  7. Have been a number of times
    Always good
    Try the fish congee


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