06 April 2011

Frank's Restaurant ~ Lebanese - Fairfield

Lebanese where Lebanese folks eat (and everybody else!) in Fairfield.

Fairfield is a low key kind of place but has exotic food options galore. The name 'Frank's Restaurant' is so un-exotic it begs us to try.

Inside is sparse and clean, not fancy but a little more upmarket than the kebab shop front window suggests. It is worth a visit alone to share the same space with such a diverse clientele, it's the UN in here. Staff are very welcoming so even a pair of pastey old skips like us feel at home. Love it!

Bastrami - marinated dried beef - $5.50. Lebanese Pastrami!

Our first choice for snackages was the kibbeh naleh, fresh raw lamb mince with spices but it's only available on Friday and Saturday.

Jug of drinking yoghurt - $8.50.

Pita bread - gratis.

Chanclish - Bedouin cheese - $5.50. As they say in the old 1980's Peter Russell Clarke TV ad - where's the cheese?

The cheese is under the top layer of salad. It is deliciously different, dry and crumbly, reminded us a little of Parmesan. The cheese sodden bottom layer of lettuce is divine.

Mixed plate - lamb, chicken and minced meat skewars - $15.90. Shawn can't decide what to eat so he asks the waiter what is best. "Mixed plate" he says without a moment of hesitation. Simple grilled doesn't usually excite us but this is top notch. Some more sauce would have been good.

Sheik el mehshey - stuffed eggplant and potoatoes with rice and pickles - $15.90. Simple and homely, lamb stuffing in a tomato sauce.

Frank's Lebanese Menu - Click To Enlarge

Frank's Lebanese Menu - Click To Enlarge

Frank's Lebanese Menu - Click To Enlarge.

We enjoyed our feast. It's worth the hop across town for if you're willing to explore the more exotic menu items.

Frank's is at 16 Smart St, Fairfield. Phone (02) 9724 3000. www.frankslebanesefood.com.au

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  1. I've always been meaning to go there, it looks good.

  2. I've been wanting to try kibbeh naleh for a while now, but need some brave dining companions to share it with. And I LOVE the bright pink cauliflower...so pretty.

  3. You can get a whole rainbow trout for 17.90?? I am so there!


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