20 April 2011

It's crunch time ~ Munching down on crispy crunchy delights

For the last year, I've been labouring with a food lovers nightmare - I have braces on my teeth! Yes folks, all those tasty treats we've been chowing down on in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and around Sydney, I've done it with rows of serious metal across my fangs.

In Japan crooked teeth are known as yaeba, and are considered kind of cute. However these babies needed some braces work over the past year to keep my munching methods happy. Now the time is coming close for them to come off and my pearlies to glisten - and a return to the world of crispy, crunchy braces breaking food.

Some of my tortures - I had to suck the meat off these crunchy quail at Lao Village and leave behind the crunchy little bones.

This uber crispy pork from Home nearly broke a bracket.

Thank goodness for the soft boned chicken at ATL Maranatha, it was a metal mouth's delight.

I've had to dance around ikan bilis (peanuts are too fiddly and the anchovies are crisp), detour on crisp and crunchy chinese broccoli and chop most things into baby sized portions. I even avoided kang kong as the long lengths of green would get wrapped around the pointy bits and cause me grief. Don't even mention munching on the pork crackling at Porteno. Ever wondered why I eat so much soup?

So to celebrate the lifting of the metal veil, I'm looking for suggestions of super crunchy, super tasty street food. Shawn has suggested the toffee coated sweet potato at Yee King Noodles as a starter - so where else can I take my newly smooth choppers and what should I eat?


  1. Hurricanes for ribs...ribs...and more ribs! With a green apple for afters.

  2. Crispy roast pork & roasted suckling pig!!

  3. WHAT?!? You can't eat ribs properly with braces on? Oh no. That does not bode well for me. I must get in as much ribbage as possible before I get the dreaded braces!

  4. A food lover with braces, that is super tough! Some things I would eat:
    1) Deep fried pigeon at masthai - it's not cheap but it's so tasty & I haven't yet met anyone who doesn't like it. More info in my post (http://ontheroofeatingcake.blogspot.com/2011/04/supper-nights-masthai-seafood.html)
    2) Crispy, crispy bacon from anywhere that has it. As Vincent Vega says "bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good" and I must agree.
    3) Those caramelised nuts from "nutorious", lower ground floor of QVB. Everytime I walk past, the smell drives me crazy!
    4) Homemade popcorn
    The list goes on, there are so many things! When I was 21 I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time so I made a list of all my favourite foods to eat before the procedure. Once I recovered I went through the list once more to celebrate. 10yrs on I still have that list in my drawer. So happy celebratory eating!! :)

  5. Spottedpufferfish - eat ribs, nothing but ribs, from now until you get them on!

    Thanks for that list Jack - crunchy nuts of any type are high on the list, as well as wasabi peas and bhuja mix. Crispy pork of any variety and chewing on that pork chop bone - and oh my stars that pigeon.


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