12 April 2011

Alex Kitchen ~ Hong Kong Cafe \ Chinese Western Food - Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

Hong Kong cafe food with an Aussie twist at the new-ish Alex Kitchen stall in Dixon House Food Court. (PS this is now closed - 28/7/2011)

Alex Kitchen Menu - Click to Enlarge...

We're fascinated with Chinese renditions of Western food. At first it was an ironic appreciation, but after visiting Hong Kong, and many of the Hong Kong cafes around Sydney, we've really grown to like it, or at least appreciate it's humble link in the food chain. Hence Alex Kitchen is right up our alley. It is Hong Kong cafe style food turned up a notch, there's some wacky dishes but some quite good ones too. The lovely boss lady described the food as Hong Kong and Australian.

Curry beef on crisp poppadom - $2.50. Mince with a mild curry flavour, the cumin made it taste almost Mexican. Very tasty snackage.

Chicken and sweet corn balls with pesto sauce - $2.80. These had real chunks of chicken thigh inside, Alison was raving about them. The dip tasted like mint & cheap mayo but at $2.80 we're not complaining.

Fish in creamy sauce with spaghetti (or rice) - $6.90.  An authentically Hong Kong cafe style cornflour based sauce on top of regular spaghetti. It's not art but it's cheap and filling, and there's plenty of fish.

Some of the dishes come with free pumpkin soup - look for the little bowl in the bottom corner of the menu pictures.

Chicken, beef and prawn in baked bread - $9.50. Also available with beef sauce, creamy seafood sauce and with garlic bread instead of plain. This magnificent beast is what drew us in to Alex Kitchen in the first place. A fried hunk of white bread covered with chicken, beef and prawns in a mild, Chinese style curry sauce. There's a generous amount of prawns and real chicken. The magic happens when the sauce soaks into the bread. As we often say to each other "this is far tastier than is should be".

With such an unusual menu and such low prices we're not sure how long Alex Kitchen is going to be around, so try it sooner rather than later, particularly the baked bread dishes.


  1. Food looks so good! Especially the chicken and prawn in baked bread. Might try it in between uni classes. XDD

  2. What a strange collection of food - but it all looks pretty tasty

  3. I can't believe how cheap that food is. Amazing.


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