19 March 2010

Ben Ngu Review ~ Vietnamese - Marrickville Road Marrickville

We drag ourselves away from our old favourite Marrickville Vietnamese joints to try one of the newer ones on Marrickville Road, Ben Ngu, we love it! (Closed August 2012)

Hangovers last two days these days. We saw The Pixies on Tuesday night and now it's Thursday night and we are still in need of TLC, we both crave Vietnamese noodle soup.

We walk over to Marrickville, the inner west HQ for real Vietnamese food. We have a few old trusty favourites in the area but tonight we try Ben Ngu, one of the newer joints on Marrickville Road.

At first we are suspicious: this place has table cloths and an alarming lack of spelling mistakes on the menu, we bravely venture forth anyway.

Our fears vanish when we sit down and see the trusty old condiment and cutlery tray. A thermos of warm tea is plonked on our table immediately with a warm smile. And the table cloths are covered with plastic. Phew - this is the real deal.

We're dang hungry and there are some humdinger choices on the menu.

We go for Bun dac biet: rice vermicilli with grilled pork, sugar cane prawn paste, spring roll, shredded pork and a salad on the side and some sweet chili sauce to pour over the top. It's like a fancy pants bun thit nuong. It is sensational and $10.50.

For rehyrdation purposes we go for a noodle soup each. Miss Chicken goes for a combination pork number.

And I go for the roadside classic Bun Bo Hue, lightly spicy, spaghetti-like noodles and deliciously unidentifiable varieties of beef and pork.

The menu has the standard classics and a quite a few regional treasures that we don't see often such as the Hue style crepe. We were drooling over the picture of the bun mang vit: bamboo shoots vermicilli soup with a plate of duck salad on the side, but alas they were out of duck. They also have roll-your-own rice paper rolls, what a great idea.

Ben Ngu is at 260 Marrickville Road, Marrickville.

Ben Ngu

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  1. Bun mang vit is fab - you must try it if you get the chance. It has to be made with dehydrated bamboo shoots


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