26 March 2010

Cafe Joy Review ~ Indonesian Quay Street - Chinatown [CLOSED]

Cafe Joy in Chinatown is a little gem for Indonesian street food, a few thousand homesick Indonesian students would agree… [CLOSED - AUGUST 2013]

Miss Chicken has gone away for the weekend, foolishly leaving me unsupervised, muhahahaha!!

What does a wild fella like me do with a 'leave pass' and a pocket full of cash? He wanders into Chinatown for something to eat. It's not rock'n'roll but I like it...

Quay Street at the very southern end of Chinatown is my destination. Quay Street has a strip of five or so brilliant street eats joints that service homesick asian university students. We've been to them all and they are all great.

Today I'm hungry for Indonesian so it's Cafe Joy for me...

I've come for bakso, one of our favourite street food treats from our last trip to Indonesia. Basko Bakmi is my choice: chicken noodles with beef and beefballs. It's comes dry with the soup on the side.

Pour the soup in and bakso's your uncle.

The cheery waitress also convinced me that having a 'chicken rissole' was essential, who am I to argue?

It was delicious: sort of a fried chicken/mushy potato rissole coated with a tangy peanut sauce. A little naughty but hey, I am a bachelor on the loose this weekend.

Cafe Joy is a squishy but cheery little place, reminds me of some of the almost-funky little restaurants you would see in shopping centres in Jakarta.

The menu has a heavy Jakarta influence, it's a great place for authentic Indonesian noodle soups and is always packed with Indonesian students. This is my second visit and I will be back again.

Cafe Joy is at 8 Quay Street, Chinatown.

Well the crazy bachelor weekend continues, it's time to get my ya-yas out, throw caution to the wind and act like a devil-may-care flying fool. It's time for Singaporean BBQ pork.

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