14 March 2010

Goshu Ramen Tei Review ~ Japanese - York Street Sydney

Goshu Ramen Tei is gem of a joint at at Harbour Bridge end of York Street in the city.


We go on the weekends when the area is quite and it's easy to find a park. Sitting outside we get a lovely "Osaka backstreets on the weekend" vibe, or maybe we are just a bit wacked in the head after a long day looking for books. We come specifically for ramen, this time Alison goes for the miso variety...

Gosh Ramen Tei York Street Sydney

And I go for the soy broth...

Gosh Ramen Tei York Street Sydney

The pork is something else: thick, rich and complex. The noodles are al dente. The broth is very good, it doesn't quite have the "magic" that a ramen in Japan does, but is delicious, and better than many ramens we have had in Sydney. Our ramens were only about $10 each, bargain.

Gosh Ramen Tei York Street Sydney

Goshu Ramen Tei is tiny and has the vibe of an old school noodle bar in Japan.

Gosh Ramen Tei York Street Sydney

Toothpicks and condiments on your table, the telltale sign of good Asian street food, that's what they do back home...


It's three and a half years since our last visit and we're glad to still this joint is still going. The tables area outside has been updated and expanded, it's quite a pleasant spot to hide from the sun on a hot Saturday afternoon. We are the first to arrive at midday but it fills up quick. The lady and gent waiting the tables are lovely folks, so welcoming.

Negi miso ramen - $13. A nice miso broth, not to rich and not too light, just right. Excellent noodles and pork. Very happy.

Wagyu beef ramen - $14.00. A dark soy broth topped shredded beef similar to gyudon beef. The beef and veggies sweeten the broth making for quite a different style of soup. Noodles are excellent.

Mini-gyudon - $6. You can order a mini dish with any main for $6. We go for the gyudon, thin strips of beef and onion simmered in soy, mirin, sake and sugar. Always a favourite.

Gosh Ramen Tei York Street Sydney

Goshu Ramen Tei is at 5 York Street Sydney, the Harbour Bridge end, corner of Jamieson Street. We look forward to coming back on daylight saving nights and sitting outside, it looks very pleasant.

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