04 March 2010

Enmore Delicious Rolls Review ~ Vietnamese, Enmore Road Enmore

The tastiest food can appear in the most unexpected places. Enmore Delicious Rolls looks like your average Vietnamese pork roll/bakery joint but the steady stream of regulars know better…

At the low-rent end of Enmore Road is a little gem of a place, Enmore Delicious Rolls. It looks like your standard Vietnamese pork roll and bakery joint but it has some specialties that set it apart. We have been there about twenty times, we love it.

The first thing I tried was the grilled pork roll which is like your standard Vietnamese pork roll but with spicy grilled pork instead of the usual, well, Vietnamese spam. One bite and we were hooked. Our tip is to order the grilled pork rolls when the mother or father is making them, the kids haven't quite got their magic touch.

Also a standout is the gravy beef dish which is like a hearty beef stew with a fresh bread roll for dunking, also available in noodle soup form. Other unique treasures I am yet to try are the free range five spice chicken roll and the grilled pork rice paper rolls.

On weekends the owner stands out the front with a BBQ and serves grilled skewered meats on fresh rolls with chilli and fresh radish for only $2.50 each, so cheap and tasty you almost want to suggest putting the price up.

You wouldn't know from the outside but they do a mean pho: that deliciously simple and healthy Vietnamese beef noodle soup, one of the finest street food meals you can find.

I've never had a bad pho, but some phos are just tastier than others, and the old bloke that makes the soup at Enmore Delicious Rolls has a magic touch, it's possibly our favourite pho in Sydney, and we eat a lot of pho. It's a personal thing I guess...

The broth has a freshness about it and we really love the roasted chillis on the side mixed in with some hoisin sauce.

They also do standard bakery stuff: pies and cakes etc but the steady stream of regulars coming in are always after the Vietnamese rolls and the soups.

The family that run the place are just lovely and very friendly, the mother usually tells me what I want to eat, mother knows best. You only have to eat here a couple of times and she will remember you for life. Lovely people.

Enmore Delicious Rolls is at 207 Enmore Road, Enmore, up near the post office and near the intersection of Stanmore Road.


  1. I live across the road from this place and watched it open up. I'm ashamed to say I thought it would be closed within 3 months as I didn't think it was a good fit for the area. How wrong I was! Must get in to try the pho....

  2. Hehe - we thought it looked out of place too :-) Go in twice and the boss lady will remember you for ever.

  3. I have been going to Delicious Roll for over 2 years now! The woman who owns this place (Loan) is amazing - she greets me by my first name and each of my friends that I introduce to her - she remembers as well.

    Each weekend they have $2.50 BBQ rolls out the front - amazing pho - and vietnamese rolls to die for. I have to give props for the most WICKED bacon and egg rolls too - large vietnamese roll - 2 eggs and approx 4-5 rashers of bacon - and for $4.50??? crazy huh? :) soooo good!

    More people have to be told about it to bring in the business that they deserve...

  4. Yes, the boss lady is amazing, she give me a hard time if I haven't been in for a while, the boss dude often gives me friendly a squeeze on the shoulder as I eat my pho. Have been in for a pho and grilled bbq pork roll recently, both were superb.


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