18 March 2010

Spice King Restaurant Review ~ North Chinese, Broadway Ultimo [CLOSED]

A very interesting little North Chinese hole-in-the-wall joint has opened on Broadway, perfect for a post-movie feed… [CLOSED]

Spice King on Broadway: it's new, it's North Chinese, and we went.

I was drawn in by a late night street food favourite that I stumbled upon around the Thailand\Laos border: warm soy milk with fried dumplings for dunking. Spice King call it 'twisted cruller with bean milk', the soy milk is cold in this version.

We also went for the twice cooked pork with smokey bean curds.

And stir fried lamb with cumin.

The stir fried dishes had a strong northern influence, plenty of oil and big hunks of garlic, no vampires will be dining here soon.

We liked the food but didn't choose our dishes wisely: we went overboard on fried stuff (North Chinese food can be oily). Next time we'll mix it up better.

The menu is varied and very interesting, bordering on adventurous.

We'll be back.

Spice King Restaurant is at 159 Broadway, Ultimo.

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