28 March 2010

Super Meal Review ~ Chinese - Goulburn Street Chinatown [CLOSED]

Super Meal is a legendary late night spot in Chinatown, great congee and more. [CLOSED]

Super Meal Chinatown Sydney

Miss Chicken returns from a weekend of culture and yartz. She has just had braces put on her teeth and can only eat mushy food. So tonight our mission is congee: warm, soft and kind to chickens with sore beaks. We head for Golden Century in Chinatown but there is an hour wait for a table. Instead we opt for another Chinatown late night favourite: Super Meal.

Super Meal is gloriously shabby inside and out. What else would you expect from a place called "Super Meal". We love it. There is usually a bucket of live mud crabs in the corridor but tonight they have gone to bed.

Super Meal Chinatown Sydney

We've eaten here maybe a dozen times in the last few years and never been disappointed, I even had a birthday here. We love the great buzzy late night Chinese vibe and the uber efficient service, and the food of course.

Super Meal Chinatown Sydney

I go for the sampan congee, a Hong Kong roadside classic with peanuts and innards of various creatures.

Super Meal Chinatown Sydney

Miss Chicken opts for the beef and raw egg congee. It is the more flavoursome of the two and has a lovely line of yellow egg yolk around the top of the bowl. The table next to us has ordered mud crab congee, we have had this before and it is really something else.

Super Meal Chinatown Sydney

Super Meal is open till around 2am and is a legendary joint for a late night feed. This place is special, get into it.

Super Meal is at 39 Goulburn St Chinatown.

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