02 March 2010

Super Bowl Review ~ Chinese - Dixon Street Chinatown

A Chinatown legend and one of our favourite spots for some late night congee, pre or post hangover…

After a long day hunting for books in the high summer heat with a hangover that could kill a small dog there is only one thing that can make me happy: congee.

Congee is Chinese soul food, it is like a soupy rice porridge: warm, mothering, rehydrating, cleansing and delicious. It is great for hangovers and perfect for a late night post pub feed.

One of our favourite places for Congee is Super Bowl in the Dixon Street mall in Chinatown. We get a table outside and barely glance at the menu, we know what we want: congee with pork and preserved egg...

It is popular to complement the congee with a plate of fried bread but this time we decided to try the deep fried fish skin just for a change, I loved it, it was like fishy chips, but Alison prefers her fried bread...

Super Bowl is also renowned for Pipis in XO sauce, just enough chilli to give it a kick but not blow your head off, bloody delicious...

And to top it off, Super Bowl has outside seating year round, sometimes you have to wait for a table but it's worth it. Alison reckons that sitting outside at Super Bowl makes her feel like she is overseas, nowhere else in Chinatown has quite the same buzz.

Some dishes can be pricey so if you just want standard cantonese stuff (sweet and sour pork etc) then you are probably better off eating elsewhere, some of the standard cantonese tableclothed joints on Dixon street do great meal deals on quiet nights.

But if you want some genuine Hong Kong street food treats, a varied and interesting menu, and a great rowdy atmosphere then Super Bowl is legendary. We mainly go to Super Bowl for a bowl of congee and something fried on the side and usually eat for around $20-$30 for the two of us.

Super Bowl is open to around 2am so it is a gem for a post-pub feed. Super Bowl is at 41 Dixon St, Chinatown.

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