27 March 2010

Wonton Noodle Inn Review ~ Chinese - King Street Newtown

It’s been a hell of a summer in Sydney: hot, sticky and Wonton Noodle Inn has been closed since Christmas…

It's day two of wild bachelor-dom as Miss Chicken has gone away for the weekend, something to do with the yartz and culture, shenanigans I say.

After a late night of going to bed early this man-on-the-loose gets up at 8am on Saturday to sew his wild oats visiting garage sales and markets. By lunch-time he is shagged, and not in the exciting sense of the word.

Won-Ton Noodle Inn King Street Newtown Sydney

My stomach wants to go to Chinatown but my legs couldn't be bothered. Then I remember that the glorious Won Ton Noodle Inn on King Street Newtown has been reopened after an extended Christmas break. It's just up the road from home, I'm so there.

Won-Ton Noodle Inn King Street Newtown Sydney

WonTon Noodle is beautifully dodgey inside and out. It is run by a very friendly couple who I guess would be Cantonese. Once you have been in a couple of times they remember you for life. The owner greets me like an old friend, he probably greets everybody like an old friend, but that's not such a bad thing eh?

Won-Ton Noodle Inn King Street Newtown Sydney

I love the little back room with the TV always on some Chinese satellite station, it's easy to pretend I am overseas here.

Won-Ton Noodle Inn King Street Newtown Sydney

They have a few unique specialities but I come back again and again for the noodle soup. This time I opt for the traditional bbq pork wonton noodle soup. It's excellent as always and about $8. So many people overlook this little gem of a place, get in there before the owners retire and it turns into a bad tapas bar.

Won Ton Noodle in at 153 King Street, Newtown, right next the Marlborough Hotel.


  1. They've closed now for about 6 months or so, we used to go here very regularly (every few months at least) and we lived in the Blacktown region. It's sad to see the place closed- the Won Ton Noodle Soup was AMAZING!

  2. Yeah they made a killer noodle soup, such nice folks too.


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